Drupal 8 Alpha 13

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News del 04 Luglio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Drupal 8 Alpha 13
Drupal è un CMS (Content Management System) Open Source scritto in linguaggio PHP e molto popolare. Il software è particolarmente scalabile, tanto da essere utilizzato si da singoli Utenti fino a grandissime aziende e organizzazioni.

Drupal offre un´interfaccia di amministrazione con cui l´amministratore può gestire ogni aspetto del sito web, senza il bisogno di possedere particolari conoscenze tecniche.


Changes since 8.0-alpha12:

#2144263 by fago, yched, alexpott, Berdir, plach, andypost, effulgentsia, michaelfavia: Decouple entity field storage from configurable fields.
#2293063 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Config schema mapping parsing is inconsistently forgiving, does not conform to the interface.
#2293163 by Wim Leers, pwolanin: Fixed MemoryBackend´s cache entries may be modified unintentionally thanks to object references.
#2292815 by larowlan, joshi.rohit100, andypost: Remove join comments on users table.
#1875996 by Xano, tim.plunkett, neclimdul, Rajendar Reddy, Jalandhar: Reconsider naming conventions for derivative classes.
#2239009 by effulgentsia, dawehner: Remove public direct usage of the ´_system_path´ request attribute.
#2087965 by AndyThornton, neclimdul, tim.plunkett, jhodgdon, pwolanin: Fixed The SearchPluginManager needs to provide an alter hook for its discovery.
#2293723 by yched: Generate lighter $form[$field] structures.
#2272279 by joelpittet, chx: Kill RenderWrapper class.
#2294129 by xjm, tim.plunkett: Switch hook_help() to use RouteMatch instead of Request.
#2293749 by joshi.rohit100: Fixed Use ->url() in Forum module in overview form.
#1468582 by mgifford, janusman, edward_or, tstoeckler, alanburke, Schnitzel, dcmouyard, LewisNyman: Add mobile friendly meta tags to the html.tpl.php.
#2288783 by tim.plunkett: Add a current theme condition.
#2286681 by alexpott, tim.plunkett: Fixed Make public properties on ConfigEntityBase protected.
#2262195 by sun: Fixed Various test classes are missing phpDoc.
#2216547 by jhodgdon, Berdir: Fill in topic/@defgroup for User system overview.
#2288185 by typhonius: Fixed Typos around the codebase for OPML.
#2287063 by ParisLiakos, andypost: Fixed Remove remains of t() in watchdog messages.
#2291505 by joshi.rohit100: Fixed ParserInterface class contains FetcherInterface documentation.
#2293105 by vijaycs85: MigrateActionConfigSchemaTest duplicates all its code from SchemaCheckTestTrait.
Revert "Issue #2097123 by slashrsm, roderik, mgifford, pfrenssen, andypost, das-peter | larowlan: Deprecate comment_num_new() in favour of method on CommentManager."
#2097123 by slashrsm, roderik, mgifford, pfrenssen, andypost, das-peter | larowlan: Deprecate comment_num_new() in favour of method on CommentManager.
#2111357 by marcingy, andypost: Get rid of comment_count_unpublished() in favor of CommentStorage method.
#2272467 by ParisLiakos: Remove usages of watchdog() from procedural code.
#2292889 by Berdir, tim.plunkett: Fixed ContextHandler does not expect ContextDefinitionInterface.
#2016629 by larowlan, neclimdul, sun, alexpott, jibran, ParisLiakos, donquixote, effulgentsia, msonnabaum: Refactor bootstrap to better utilize the kernel.
#2290281 by er.pushpinderrana, amitgoyal, joshi.rohit100, nick_schuch: Make plugin type Tip developer info more discoverable
#2287223 by tim.plunkett: Use KernelTestBase for config schema tests where possible.
#2077979 by cilefen, plopesc: Modernize filter.module forms: use $this->t().
#1671498 by g3r4, Jorrit: Fixed Docs of template_preprocess_html() refer to wrong hook.
#2214057 by g3r4: Remove obsolete LanguageManagerInterface::init() method.
#2183417 by kgoel, alimac: In Sql Rename Views properties to core standards.
#2282153 by vijaycs85: Make all config.storage.active & config.storage.file services private.
#2257587 by fietserwin: Remove parameter in calls between and within Image and toolkit.
#578400 by aaronschachter, melsi, Gábor Hojtsy, valthebald, idflood, sign, Damien Tournoud: Fixed Display the page title, even if 0.
#2289095 by larowlan | pingers: Fixed Frontpage view, feed display renders the node comment form.
#2281635 by fubhy, er.pushpinderrana, EclipseGc, blueminds, tim.plunkett: DrupalCorePluginContextContext should use a ContextDefinition class instead of arrays.
#2290435 by PQ: Fix broken link in robots.txt file
#2290325 by cs_shadow: Get rid of form builder functions topic and references to it
#2290271 by amitgoyal, er.pushpinderrana: Make Mail plugin developer info more discoverable
#2290279 by joshi.rohit100, er.pushpinderrana: Make RestResource plugin developer info more discoverable
#2290263 by joshi.rohit100, amitgoyal, er.pushpinderrana, cs_shadow: Make Filter plugin developer info more discoverable
#2290251 by er.pushpinderrana, amitgoyal, ParisLiakos, joshi.rohit100: Make Aggregator plugin developer info more discoverable
#2290253 by er.pushpinderrana: Make Archiver plugin developer info more discoverable
#2292025 by tim.plunkett: Convert BreadcrumbBuilderInterface applies() and build() to use RouteMatch.
#2290285 by jhodgdon: Condition plugin classes need more links/docs.
#2216563 by jhodgdon: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Object Oriented Programming overview.
#2161801 by YesCT, vijaycs85, fran seva, batigolix, ifrik: Update hook_help for Config translation module.
#2216559 by jhodgdon: Repurpose @defgroup/topic docs for Architecture Overview.
#2216539 by jhodgdon, dawehner: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Views overview.
#2286357 by tim.plunkett: Introduce Display Variants, use for the block rendering flow.
#2226267 by yched: Improve default value handling of fields to be consistent (follow-up).
#2288499 by er.pushpinderrana | jhodgdon: Fixed Action plugin classes need more docs links.
#2183957 by vijaycs85, chx, Gábor Hojtsy: Provide configuration schema for Migration module.
#2291445 by marcingy: Convert comment_entity_predelete query to entity query.
#2290157 by marcingy: Convert comment_user_predelete query to entity query.
#2291777 by alexpott: Fixed Random fail in LanguageFallbackTest.
#2238217 by effulgentsia, neclimdul, martin107, tim.plunkett, cweagans, kim.pepper, xjm: Introduce a RouteMatch class.
#2279363 by tstoeckler: Fixed file_managed.uri should not specify a prefixed unique key.
#2277945 by Jose Reyero: Fixed Typed configuration implements TypedDataInterface improperly.
#1428784 by ivasyk.orest, joshi.rohit100, tim.plunkett, martin107, Rajendar Reddy, visabhishek, wiifm, joachim: Document field data hooks: hook_field_views_data[_alter](), hook_field_views_data_views_data_alter().
#2216541 by jhodgdon, Gábor Hojtsy: Fill in topic/@defgroup docs for Internationalization overview.
#1989568 by Berdir: Remove block config ID from being used as an HTML ID or template suggestion.
#2262483 follow-up by sun: Fixed Some PHPUnit tests do not exist.
#1209674 by yoroy, kid_icarus, franz, pasive, barnettech, disasm, wesleydv, ericmulder1980, Sutharsan, apratt, theMusician, batigolix, vegantriathlete, amitgoyal, AndyThornton: Fix up UI text in Aggregator module
#2288507 by er.pushpinderrana: Add documentation to entity type annotation classes to aid developers of entity types
#2234439 by jhodgdon, cosmicdreams, xjm: Add a section for the plugin system to the API doc landing page.
#2191445 by jhodgdon: Fixed Database abstraction layer topic / landing page needs more info.
#2287319 by martin107: Document exceptions thrown in KernelTestBase
#2261083 by amitgoyal, joshi.rohit100, er.pushpinderrana, aschmoe: Move mention of System Help block from Help module help to System module help
#2124957 by Wim Leers, catch: Replace ´content´ cache tag with ´rendered´ and use it sparingly.
#2143291 by plach, alexpott, xjm, effulgentsia, pwolanin, swentel | yched: Clarify handling of field translatability.
#1906810 by dawehner, damiankloip, tstoeckler, kgoel, fubhy, jrglasgow, xjm, Gaelan, socketwench: Require type hints for automatic entity upcasting.
Revert "Issue #1906810 by dawehner, damiankloip, tstoeckler, kgoel, fubhy, jrglasgow, xjm, Gaelan, socketwench: Require type hints for automatic entity upcasting."
#2269003 by damiankloip, Berdir: Fixed Unnecessary high memory usage in EntityType::getKeys().
#2287889 by larowlan: Add information to field topics needed by plugin developers
#1369822 by er.pushpinderrana, Cottser: Fix docs for template_preprocess_user
#2288509 by er.pushpinderrana, c31ck: Add link to search page annotation class
Revert "Issue #1003788 by stefan.r, Alan D., Josh Waihi, JimmyAx, robhardwick, wiifm, twistor, pwolanin, bzrudi71, bellHead, john_brown: Fixed PostgreSQL: PDOException:Invalid text representation when attempting to load an entity with a string or non-scalar ID."
#2287139 by alexpott: Fixed Various serialization test failures after updating to php 5.4.29.
#1003788 by stefan.r, Alan D., Josh Waihi, JimmyAx, robhardwick, wiifm, twistor, pwolanin, bzrudi71, bellHead, john_brown: Fixed PostgreSQL: PDOException:Invalid text representation when attempting to load an entity with a string or non-scalar ID.
#2181775 by Ryan Weal, chx | mvc: Fixed SQL idmap broke when using separate mysql users for source and destination.
Isssue #2263047 by joshi.rohit100, amitgoyal: Clean up hook_help example so it complies with hook_help standards
#2285349 follow-up by effulgentsia: Cleanup to function name and code comments.
#2285349 by olli: Fixed Fatal error: Call to a member function getType() on a non-object in comment.module on line 951.
#2172241 by swentel, webflo | ivanjaros: Fixed Files and image widgets completely broken.
#2208115 by Xano, damiankloip, Crell: Add DependencySerializationTrait.
#2277705 by mashermike, juampy: Fixed Files don´t have URI nor href.
#2286241 by YesCT: Fixed Move stray SystemLocalTasksTest to PSR-4 location.
#2005434 by alexpott, heddn, andrewmacpherson, swentel: Let 3rd party modules store extra configuration in EntityDisplay.
#2231003 by kay_v, djevans, lokapujya, seiplax | scor: GetPreparedFieldMapping() should return NULL when there are no mappings.
#2284111 by alexpott, Berdir, damiankloip: Fixed Exceptions caught and printed from index.php should not return a 200 status code.
#2287385 by neclimdul: Fixed PHPUnit coverage tests.
#2278541 by tim.plunkett, kim.pepper, Bojhan, EclipseGc: Refactor block visibility to use condition plugins.
#2039449 by joshi.rohit100, joachim, lokapujya, Jalandhar, paulh, yaworsk: Fix docs for assertField methods in WebTestBase to describe how to skip value checking
#2279617 by thedavidmeister, mgifford: Fixed _filter_url_trim() should use Unicode::truncate().
#2285795 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Drupal 8 loads alpha2 translations instead of alpha12.
#2287193 by alexpott: Fixed checkConfigSchema() can fail to report errors.
#2216553 by jhodgdon, fago: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Typed Data.
#2216533 by jhodgdon: Fill in topic/@defgroup docs for Entity API overview.
#2216557 by jhodgdon, mongolito404, Berdir: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Testing overview.
#2270815 by vijaycs85, Gábor Hojtsy, nvinayvinay: Make schema testing code available as generic API.
#2246661 by ivanjaros: Some templates are missing ´Default theme implementation ..´ statement.
#2282125 by joshi.rohit100, mtift: Fixed Remove instances of ´@return self´.
#2231693 by amitgoyal, iS: Update Powered by Drupal link.
#2226267 by fago, xjm, Berdir: Improve default value handling of fields to be consistent.
#2114823 follow-up by olli: Fixed SimpleTest no longer finding unit tests.
#2114823 by alexpott, neclimdul, Xano, cosmicdreams, chx: Update PHPUnit to 4.x.
#2256679 by alexpott, tim.plunkett: Fixed Use config schema to determine which config entity properties to export regardless of whether they are public or protected.
#2247779 by Wim Leers, larowlan, dawehner: Allow #pre_render, #post_render and #post_render_cache callbacks to be service methods.
#2275877 by Mixologic, duellj, Les Lim, Xano, David Strauss: Replace master/slave terminology with primary/replica.
#1914914 by purdy_nc, meba, chx, heyrocker: Add to docs of file_scan_directory to discuss excluding config
#2281419 by t0xicCode, joshi.rohit100, SiliconMind: Fix up docs for FieldItemInterface methods
#2284883 by AohRveTPV: Fix typo in code comment in PhpassHashedPassword class
#2260043 by t0xicCode, amitgoyal: Remove lingering references to obsolete field crud and attach topics and functions
#1674870 by amitgoyal, theemg, pwieck, xjm: Fix up docs for node_access_test module
#2262247 by amitgoyal, pwolanin: Document member variables in AdminTest class
#1956782 by bdimaggio, tanmayk, chertzog: Document parameter better in xmlrpc_server
#2243439 by amitgoyal, jonreid, mark.labrecque, mpv, pwolanin, scor, cilefen, sun: Fix up docs about config file/database locations in settings.php and READMEs in directories
#2267159 by juampy, xjm, alexpott: Remove nonexistent parameter from WebTestBase::assertNoLink docs
#1912610 by amitgoyal, BryanCGreen24, lokapujya, Rajendar Reddy, echoz, barraponto, LewisNyman, pixelwhip: Rename layout classes to follow the layout style naming convention.
#2277481 by znerol: Remove persist flag from container.namespaces service.
#2228763 by larowlan, alexpott, martin107, jessebeach, xjm: Create a comment-type config entity and use that as comment bundles, require selection in field settings form.
#1939092 by mgifford, dbazuin, jenlampton, azinoman, pwieck, Cottser, joelpittet, larowlan: Convert theme_mark() to Twig.
#1898070 by benjifisher, jjcarrion, LinL, idflood, joelpittet, oshelach, tlattimore, Les Lim, sergey.semashko, jesse.d, bdgreen, jenlampton, Cottser, duellj, artofeclipse, vlad.dancer, steveoliver, EVIIILJ, c4rl, elv, OpenChimp: File.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig.
#2216549 by jhodgdon, steveoliver: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Render overview.
#2151821 by joelpittet, JacobSanford, jjcarrion, rteijeiro, c4rl, IshaDakota, pplantinga, gnuget, longwave, jeanfei, sbudker1: Convert theme_system_config_form() to Twig
#1898420 by mondrake, joelpittet, InternetDevels, claudiu.cristea, c4rl, DamienMcKenna, Albert Volkman, shanethehat, thedavidmeister: Image.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig.
#2250325 by jhodgdon, azinck, splatio: Fixed Route book.render (path /book) does not seem to work.
#2052473 by ricky.middaugh, lokapujya, Jalandhar, mgifford, jessebeach, BarisW, falcon03: Add aria-label or aria-describedby attributes to all elements.
#2080343 by connork, izus, rahul.shinde, lokapujya | mrsinguyen: Remove Unused local variables from system module.
#2089331 by grom358 | thedavidmeister: [meta] Replace calls to check_plain() with DrupalComponentUtilityString::checkPlain().
#2264753 by cfox612, Cottser, a-fro, joelpittet: Convert theme_update_last_check to update-last-check.html.twig.
#2152215 by joelpittet, mr.baileys, benjifisher, martin107, rteijeiro, hussainweb, shanethehat, jenlampton, kpa, AnythonyR, EVIIILJ, kgoel, Cottser, dsdeiz, hanpersand, bayousoft: Convert theme_form_element_label() to Twig
#2281905 by Berdir: Stop caching plugin discovery/info hooks by language.
#2282477 by tim.plunkett: Fixed ViewListBuilder::getDisplaysList() does not handle empty admin strings.
#2229163 by Michael Hodge Jr, rixter, thechanceg, bburg | Berdir: Remove node_type->has_title.
#2283929 by tim.plunkett: Clean up condition plugins to have schema support and to allow them to be optional.
#2283969 by tim.plunkett: Add a protected BlockBase::blockAccess() to contain plugin-specific logic.
Revert "Issue #2125621 by anandps, mgifford, davidhernandez, jessebeach, mparker17: Fixed drupala11y.org finds two new color contrast issues."
#1980010 by acabouet, TravisCarden: Add description to "Administer content" permission.
#2282467 by katbailey: Remove katbailey from MAINTAINERS.txt.
#2276387 by Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85: Fixed Translate routes should properly inherit admin path use from edit route.
#2248405 by davidhernandez, mgifford: Fixed Set Proper Contrast on the Color module´s default colour scheme.
#2278565 by jstoller, nod_, Bojhan: Clean up module page grouping.
#2269165 by aloyr: Fixed Short month names lack context, other contexts overly specific.
#2239425 by cs_shadow, Mixologic, JacobSanford | penyaskito: Invalid TranslatorInterface type hinting in LanguageRequestSubscriber.
#2152219 by joelpittet, mdrummond, rodrigoaguilera, sqndr, rteijeiro, InternetDevels, steveoliver, hussainweb, shanethehat, jenlampton, kpa, AnythonyR, EVIIILJ, kgoel, Cottser, dsdeiz, hanpersand: Convert theme_input() to Twig
#2193691 by holly.ross.drupal, Bojhan, BLadwin | mgifford: New methods, standards for describing Seven themes admin page.
#2255659 by dawehner, xjm, jrbeeman, damiankloip: Added Provide a GET query parameter default argument plugin.
#2282453 by Xano: Fixed strpos() does not work with TranslationWrapper.
#2125621 by anandps, mgifford, davidhernandez, jessebeach, mparker17: Fixed drupala11y.org finds two new color contrast issues.
#2185315 by justafish, InternetDevels: Remove deprecated drupal_anonymous_user() function.
#2278705 by Xano: Make all tests compatible with PHPUnit 4.
#2152205 by joelpittet, mark.labrecque, Manuel Garcia, pakmanlh, steveoliver, hussainweb, shanethehat, jenlampton, kpa, AnythonyR, EVIIILJ, kgoel, Cottser, dsdeiz, hanpersand: Convert theme_date() to #theme input__date
#2252743 by amitgoyal, er.pushpinderrana, jonreid, lexfunk: Rename ´clone´ to ´duplicate´ for displays in Views UI.
#2266751 by cfox612, Pancho: Fixed Update and improve links styling in preview.css to mirror current values.
#2247903 by bdone: Fixed Add a substr options to DedupeBase process plugin.
#1423244 by tstoeckler, floretan, Wim Leers, lokapujya, xjm, webflo: #allowed_formats property for #type ´text_format´ to filter available formats.
#2211723 followup by yched, Berdir: FieldInstance::__construct() loads all field_config entities.
#2277981 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, fago: Provide a service for handling context-aware plugins.
#2246665 by jaredsmith, martin107, YesCT, filijonka, tstoeckler: Typehint with DrupalCoreLanguageLanguageInterface instead DrupalCoreLanguageLanguage.
#2267053 by sidharthap, Daniel Norton, iMiksu, emclaughlin | joachim: Fixed breadcrumb is wrong on single log event pages.
#1539636 by StevenPatz | NROTC_Webmaster: Make seven theme pass Coder Review.
#2170947 by philipz, soipo: Visual cleanup of Edit shortcuts link.
#1541094 by c31ck, Antti J. Salminen | TravisCarden: Added ´access shortcuts´ permission.
#1898422 by joelpittet, lokapujya, Salah Messaoud, stevector, Les Lim, pplantinga, jenlampton, drupalninja99, tlattimore, johannez | c4rl: Language.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig.
#2240021 by BMDan, quartsize: Fixed Improve Installer REQUIREMENT_WARNING Messaging.
#2254203 by sun, neclimdul: Fix test performance of DrupalsystemTestsModuleModuleApiTest.
#2091397 by vijaycs85, batigolix, targoo, jhodgdon | ifrik: Create hook_help for Datetime module.
#950534 by mparker17, mgifford, Mixologic, jbloomfield, erinclerico, theMusician, wmostrey | zirvap: [policy] Consistently use email instead of e-mail in Drupal.
#1920862 by martin107, Mixologic, cilefen, larowlan, xan.ps, tim.plunkett | sun: Rename custom_block.module to block_content.module.
#2283061 by tim.plunkett: Fixed RequestPath condition uses non-existent service path.alias_manager.cached.
#2248991 by marco, tstoeckler, xjm: Rename the ´log´ field to ´revision_log´ in Node and CustomBlock.
#1929010 by mgifford: Fixed Improve Contrast for onfocus Menu Items.
#1921970 by IshaDakota, benelori, mitron: Clean up comments in core .views.inc files.
#2211227 by mondrake, xjm | fietserwin: Refactor image and imagetoolkit: isExisting, isSupported, supportedTypes, getMimeType.
#2277941 by yched: Allow injecting an arbitrary FieldConfig when building a FieldInstanceConfig.
#2269385 by sun: Fixed DependencyInjection YamlFileLoader is out of date.
#2269323 by amitgoyal, alexpott: Fixed Clean up ConfigImporter.
#2278025 by duellj | alexpott: Fixed Remove retrieveTemporaryFiles().
Revert "Issue #806982 by lokapujya, gnuget, miqmago, shashi1028, Floydm, bfroehle, kathyh, sreynen: Tables should take an optional footer variable and produce
#2279623 by thedavidmeister: Fixed search_excerpt() should use unicode ellipsis characters instead of "...".
#1963760 by amitgoyal, fnuppy | valthebald: Fixed Make sure install.php gives accurate information if Drupal is already installed.
#2205185 by larowlan, hairqles, andypost, slashrsm: Split up ForumManager to create ForumIndexStorage.
#2280383 by andypost: Fixed settings.local.php after new bootstrap.
#2279217 by cs_shadow: Fixed Indentation error in DrupaleditorFormEditorImageDialog.
#2209049 by tstoeckler, lokapujya: Allow field schemas to contain unique keys.
#2278507 by alexrayu: Fixed Apply word break to text in table cells.
#2257477 by droplet: Fixed Wrong system.mail label in system.schema.yml.
#2275491 by tstoeckler: Fixed CKEditor does not support the "readonly" attribute.
#2278133 by ParisLiakos: Fixed LoggerChannelFactoryTest::testGet() should use assertSame() not assertEquals().
#2279635 by thedavidmeister: Fixed template_preprocess_username() should use Unicode::truncate().
#2223143 by damiankloip: Consolidate library extension caches into a single cache entry.
#806982 by lokapujya, gnuget, miqmago, shashi1028, Floydm, bfroehle, kathyh, sreynen: Tables should take an optional footer variable and produce
#2239861 by cs_shadow | pajooh: Fixed Incorrect file reference in /core/modules/system/css/system.theme.css.
#2073661 by amateescu, claudiu.cristea, plopesc, xjm | yched: Add a EntityReferenceField::referencedEntities() method.
#2278501 by yched: Remove deprecated format_string() in FieldConfig.
#2248969 by tstoeckler: Default the user status field to FALSE.
#2080559 by izus, connork, eugenesia, InternetDevels, Rajesh Ashok, mrsinguyen: Remove unused local variables from the translation module.
#2245449 by lostkangaroo, chx, Xano: Added a ModuleHandler::getModule().
#2080427 by connork, blainelang, harijari, areke, chertzog: Remove Unused local variables from language module.
#2250239 by dawehner | sun: Remove needless ContainerAware dependency from ParamConverterManager.
#2277547 by heddn: Fixed User::getRoles test coverage & regression fix.
#2113911 by LewisNyman, Manuel Garcia, longwave, nod_, Rajendar Reddy, pakmanlh, olemedia, rteijeiro: Modal style update.
#2154957 by ParisLiakos, xjm: Add OPML functionality to views.
#1880488 by djroshi, konstantin.komelin, LewisNyman, jibran, rteijeiro: Added Make menu collapsible on small screen resolutions.
#2064639 by rahul.shinde, InternetDevels, martin107, longwave, jayeshanandani, connork, CarlHinton, vlad.n, superspring, andrei.dincu, stevepurkiss, jlindsey15, Salah Messaoud: Fixed Remove unused local variables from the node module.
#2278037 by connork: Fixed Code comments in View´s RouteSubscriberTest are inaccurate.
#2226791 by philipz: Remove messages console horizontal margin on node edit page .
#2085571 by Xano, dawehner: Fixed admin/content should not depend on node.module.
#2081153 by YesCT, lauriii, rdatar, miraj9093, Enxebre, smiro, alexpott: Remove unused local variables from core/tests.
#1911768 by Xano: Added Make token and token type descriptions optional.
#2277445 by znerol: Remove newModuleList instance variable from DrupalKernel and related check in initializeContainer.
#2251223 by tim.plunkett: ConfigurableImageEffectInterface should use ConfigurablePluginInterface and PluginFormInterface.
#2273191 by ducktape | Dragan Eror: Comment form title class change.
#2138073 by damiankloip, xjm: Remove module_load_include() call from NodeController::revisionOverview().
#1921558 by ParisLiakos, xjm, Dave Reid: Convert file_get_mimetype() to use Symfony MimeTypeGuessers.
#2272201 by kim.pepper: Move drupal_match_path in path.inc to a service.
#2217877 by Wim Leers, Dave Reid, damiankloip, xjm, chx | catch: Fixed Text filters should be able to add #attached, #post_render_cache, and cache tags.
#2205215 by larowlan, jessebeach, dixon_: Fixed {comment} and {comment_entity_statistics} only support integer entity ids.
#2280955 by bdragon, joelpittet | chx: Fix TwigTransTest.
#2004252 by mortendk, babruix, dasjo, joelpittet, visabhishek, cwells, jenlampton, Dragan Eror, nikhiltri, minneapolisdan, Manuel Garcia, sarahjean, acouch | scor: Node.html.twig template.
#2211723 by yched, Berdir: FieldInstance::__construct() loads all field_config entities.
#2119903 by mparker17, vijaycs85, evilehk: Fixed Show locked date formats in the UI.
#2280501 by alexpott: Fixed Ensure web tests are encapsulated.
#2244447 by alexpott, sun, Berdir: Translation of low-level info/annotations leads to circular dependencies.
#2224917 by m1r1k, drumm, Steven Jones: Fixed Tracker page doesn´t order results properly.
#2276439 by clintrandall777@gmail.com, tim.plunkett: Remove obsolete method implementations from ViewUI.
#2091459 by fran seva, batigolix, ifrik, visabhishek: Update hook_help for locale module
#2248799 by amitgoyal: Fix docs for system_sort_themes
#2263047 by martin107, sachin_s: Move hook_help to system.api.php, remove now-empty help.api.php, and add explanation of all that hook_help does and update it so it fits d8 behavior
#2277623 by mparker17: Update url parse documentation
#1924818 by mtift, hanoii: Fix docs for DatabaseQueue constructor
#1921544 by kim.pepper, EclipseGc, xjm, katbailey, arnested, dawehner, neclimdul: Create a Current Path Condition.
#1079116 by fearlsgroove, joachim, ryanissamson, manarth, katherined, droppinshucks, BiigNiick | fietserwin: Fixed Inaccurate text: Images must be smaller than !max pixels.
#1921540 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, larowlan: Create a User Role Condition.
#2280521 by mparker17, jojonreid, dbcollies: Fix up hook_help for user module
#2091479 by martin107, fran seva, soipo, YesCT, amitgoyal, jibellido, batigolix, ifrik, InternetDevels, vzblk: Update hook_help for content_translation module
#2091299 by amitgoyal, mparker17, jhodgdon, InternetDevels, berkas1, dbazuin: Update hook_help for Comment module
#2091401 by amitgoyal, mparker17, filijonka, batigolix, mfernea: Add hook_help to quickedit module
"Issue #2229011 by chx, tstoeckler: Fixed Tests are no longer modifiable."
Revert "Issue #2016629 by larowlan, neclimdul, sun, alexpott, jibran, ParisLiakos, donquixote, effulgentsia, msonnabaum: Refactor bootstrap to better utilize the kernel."
#2278051 by yched: Remove uses of non-existing ´max_length´ setting on EntityRef fields.
#2274791 by Wim Leers: Fixed Rendered entities should be cached by time zone.
Revert "Issue #2229011 by chx, tstoeckler: Fixed Tests are no longer modifiable."
#2116341 by fago, tim.plunkett: Apply defaults to definition objects.
#2229011 by chx, tstoeckler: Fixed Tests are no longer modifiable.
#1848266 by alexpott: Convert Diff into a proper, PSR-0-compatible PHP component.
#2274175 by tim.plunkett, vijaycs85: Block plugin schema should be defined separately from the entity.
#2273971 by xjm, martin107: Fixed migrate EntityComment should use the $row->stub() method.
#2279339 by chx: Fixed NumberFieldTest is slightly and subtly broken .
#2269129 by sqndr, michaelfavia: Fixed Permissions sticky header is not place correctly.
#2276119 by damiankloip: Upgrade Guzzle to version 4.1.0.
#2207377 by sun, xjm: Fixed Bogus "Enabled modules: ." assertions in test results when test enables no modules.
#2247211 by blueminds, amateescu, xjm: Fixed Autocomplete widget doesn´t work on entity labels without a " (entity_id)" suffix.
#2275095 by martin107, dawehner: Fix covers statement in EntityUrltest
#2275145 by martin107, dawehner: Fix covers statement in PathFieldDefinitionTest
#2278453 by sun, ParisLiakos: Remove t() from a few test getInfo() methods
#2244749 by Xano: Fix documentation in example.gitignore file
#2091319 by amitgoyal, mparker17, cyberdog: Update hook_help for Field module
#2248799 by amitgoyal, Wim Leers, c31ck, joachim: Fix docs for system_sort_themes().
#2103039 by fran seva, rodrigoaguilera, Gábor Hojtsy, ifrik, batigolix, bendev: Update hook_help for language module
#2091429 by amitgoyal, mparker17, batigolix, Mark Conroy: Update hook_help for Tracker module
#2276469 by decibel.places: Fixed robots.txt syntax checking link broken.
#2262483 by sun: Fixed Some more PHPUnit tests that do not exist.
#2278117 by sun: Fixed Bad namespace import in DrupalaggregatorItemStorageInterface.
#2183231 followup: Convert PSR-0 code to PSR-4 in custom_block module.
#2247287 by donquixote: Drop automatic PSR-0 support for modules.
#2183231 by tstoeckler, plach, jessebeach, fago, Berdir, xjm, mauzeh: Make ContentEntityDatabaseStorage generate static database schemas for content entities.
#2007248 by larowlan, tim.plunkett, xjm, Wim Leers: Fixed When CKEditor module is uninstalled, the right text editor config entities are affected but their labels are missing.
#2256373 by Crell, joelpittet: Factor HtmlFragment out to an interface.
#2276571 by alexpott: Fixed Use StringTranslationTrait in ConfigManager.
#2272161 by tim.plunkett, fago: Entity-based conditions should use type => entity: instead of constraints.
#2271967 by Jose Reyero, alexpott, amitgoyal: Fixed and use TypedConfigManagerInterface/TypedConfigManager.
#2273489 by olli: Fixed Random test failure ´Created time is correct.´ in GenericCacheBackendUnitTestBase/ApcuBackendUnitTest.
#2181511 by amateescu, xjm, Berdir | yched: Throw an exception when creating an EntityDisplay for a non-ContentEntity.
#2119481 by damiankloip, xjm: Inject EntityManager dependency into UuidResolver.
#2274795 by Wim Leers | chx: Simplify (and defuse) the filter skipping code.
#2273999 by ngocketit: Fixed Add new view: Views settings elements bottom alignment issue.
#1912536 by vollepeer, derheap | taslett: Remove all references to the (removed) user-picture.html.twig file.
#2267037 by vollepeer | michaelmol: Fixed Toolbar tab icons without title are not aligned.
#2263987 by mgifford: Fixed Clean up hover/focus - in Bartik.
#2252991 by neclimdul: PhpUnit tests for ModuleHandler.
#2096699 by vijaycs85 | tstoeckler: Fixed Missing config schema for language.negotiation.selected_langcode.
#2273631 by vijaycs85: Unify config entity schemas with a base schema type.
#2276667 by heyrocker: Remove heyrocker as CMI maintainer from MAINTAINERS.txt.
#2273337 by ducktape: Fix docs for add field methods for Schema and db_add_field()
#2251719 by sergeypavlenko, YesCT, chx, Pancho: Fixed Completely remove DRUPAL_MAXIMUM_TEMP_FILE_AGE.
#2188075 by Berdir, amateescu, xjm: Remove magic getter of EntityReferenceItem.
#2275679 by Dave Reid, Wim Leers: Clean up render cache placeholder.
#2274517 by Wim Leers: Remove DrupalCoreFieldPrepareCacheInterface.
#2253735 by larowlan, olli, xjm: Fixed WSOD on custom block creation / listing if config translation enabled.
#2276183 by alexpott: Fixed Date intl support is broken, remove it.
#2267411 by David_Rothstein | klausi: Document that field_access() does no entity access checks.
#2236781 by damiankloip, alexpott, xjm: Fixed ViewsData only writes one per-table cache entry per request.
#1959660 by larowlan, pfrenssen, xjm, clemens.tolboom, dawehner, RobLoach: Replace xpath() with WebTestBase::cssSelect() by leveraging Symfony CssSelector.
#2209293 by sun, xjm: Remove core compatibility check in ExtensionDiscovery; obsolete with Migrate in core.
#2233623 by Berdir: Follow-up to fix Merge AliasManagerCacheDecorator into AliasManager.
#2228625 by Sam152, Risse: Fixed Ensure toolbar items do not flow on to two lines in the Manage tray .
#2091353 by batigolix, mrjmd, babruix: Update hook_help for Path module.
#2253987 by Mixologic: ShortcutAccessController.php should typehint ShortcutSetStorageInterface.
#2254785 by LewisNyman, Dragan Eror: Fixed Progress bar 0% or over 100% visual BUG.
#2267911 by tstoeckler: Remove pointless condition in ModuleHandler::install().
#1989470 by LewisNyman, aboros, philipz, mgifford, rteijeiro, dimaro, Bès, klonos, emma.maria: Dropbutton style update for Seven.
#2253109 by alexpott, ParisLiakos: Followup: Bring .htaccess and web.config up to date.
#2226301 by alexpott: Run-test.sh --repeat should work nicely with --concurrency.
#2261131 by Jose Reyero, Gábor Hojtsy | alexpott: Fixed Overrides will bleed in config export.
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