Drupal 8 Alpha 12

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News del 29 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Drupal 8 Alpha 12
Drupal è un CMS (Content Management System) Open Source scritto in linguaggio PHP e molto popolare. Il software è particolarmente scalabile, tanto da essere utilizzato si da singoli Utenti fino a grandissime aziende e organizzazioni.

Drupal offre un´interfaccia di amministrazione con cui l´amministratore può gestire ogni aspetto del sito web, senza il bisogno di possedere particolari conoscenze tecniche.


Changes since 8.0-alpha11:

#2214209 by dawehner, ParisLiakos, xjm: Move _menu_site_is_offine() into the Maintainance subscriber.
#788900 by ParisLiakos, dawehner, effulgentsia, xjm, et al: Deprecate and remove usages of arg().
#2233623 by Berdir, slashrsm, xjm: Fixed Merge AliasManagerCacheDecorator into AliasManager.
#2247991 by xjm, typhonius, donquixote: [May 27] Move all module code to PSR-4.
#2167167 by Berdir: Remove field_info_*().
#2261181 by damiankloip, dawehner: Fixed Always pass in the request into the view executable.
#2264205 by _nod: Replace JSHint with ESLint for JavaScript validation.
Revert "Issue #2227731 by _nod: Replace JSHint with ESLint for JavaScript validation."
#2273311 by donquixote, xjm: Fixed FieldDefinitionTestBase::getNamespacePath() breaks with PSR-4.
#2264241 by _nod: Fix ESLint errors and fix js bugs.
#2227731 by _nod: Replace JSHint with ESLint for JavaScript validation.
#2273689 by donquixote: Fixed switch-psr4.sh does not reliably remove empty PSR-0 directories.
#2268975 by Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85: Fixed named schema elements missing when installing Drupal.
#2259337 by sun, chx: Do not hide the error messages in TaggedHandlersPass.
#2224887 by alexpott, Berdir, Gábor Hojtsy, Jalandhar: Language configuration overrides should have their own storage.
#2003766 by InternetDevels, KeyboardCowboy: Fixed Vertical tabs styling is pushed to the right on node edit form.
#2256915 by mondrake: Fixed Pager link underlinings do not display properly.
#2271801 by sun: CustomBlockLocalTasksTest is located in wrong directory.
#2003800 by jhedstrom, filijonka, YesCT, ParisLiakos, steeloctopus, damiankloip, sun, LinL, amateescu: Move drupal_check_memory_limit() and parse_size() functionality to components.
#735154 by jhodgdon, pwolanin: Fixed search_touch_node()/search_mark_for_reindex() should not update if already touched.
#2262975 by Berdir: Fixed Non-Multiple field types with per-field storage are not supported in CckFieldValues.
#2272801 by tim.plunkett: Allow blocks to be context aware.
#1524550 by superspring, joachim, David Hernández, marthinal, socketwench, subson | jfinkel: Fixed queue cron workers can´t signal a broken queue.
#2259947 by donquixote: Fixed Minor bug fixes in database system.
#1987726 by vijaycs85, disasm, YesCT, pdrake, tstoeckler, dawehner, Xano, likin, stella, andypost, prateek479, Gábor Hojtsy, kgoel: Convert language content page related callback to new style controller.
#2165475 by damiankloip, dawehner, martin107, tim.plunkett, jibran, xjm, Jalandhar: Provide a generic class resolver.
#2100369 by joelpittet, ashepherd, alexpott, Xano: Don´t support RDFa in tracker listings.
Revert "Issue #2239969 by znerol, sun: Session of (UI) test runner leaks into web tests."
#2141221 by thedavidmeister, joachim, anemes: Add docs to hook_update_N to explain the sandbox usage
#2266527 by andypost: Fix hook_library_alter doc block to remove nonexistent parameter
#2272055 by Xano: Fix doc blocks for AccountProxyInterface
#2267571 by martin107, xjm: Fix docs for field UI access classes
#2265851 by mrjmd: Add links to Batch and Queue API to api landing page
#2015849 by mrjmd, yaworsk, YesCT: Comment standards fixes in entity tests
#2239969 by znerol, sun: Session of (UI) test runner leaks into web tests.
#2246657 by tstoeckler, YesCT: $options is misnamed in Language::__construct() should be property values.
#2254001 by Mixologic: Use EntityMangagerInterface instead of Entity Manager in typehints.
#1289536 by ParisLiakos, RobLoach, Crell, larowlan, fgm, pounard, Pancho, dawehner, scor, tim.plunkett, alexpott, socketwench: Switch Watchdog to a PSR-3 logging framework.
#2270313 by jessebeach: Remove c4rl and linclark from MAINTAINERS.txt.
#2272081 by Wim Leers: BlockAccessController::checkAccess() should run the block plugin´s access check last.
#2271939 by tim.plunkett: NodeType condition does not evaluate properly.
#2272267 by tim.plunkett: Entity_page_access() and entity_page_create_access() are dead code.
#2271025 by Wim Leers: Don´t let menu_navigation_links() set the active class, the drupal.active-links library does that for us (plus, it´s setting it incorrectly).
Revert "Issue #1289536 by RobLoach, Crell, Pancho, pounard, socketwench, fgm, dawehner, scor, tim.plunkett, larowlan, ParisLiakos: Switch Watchdog to a PSR-3 logging framework."
#2236167 by znerol: Use request stack in cache contexts.
#2269453 by olli: Apc_fetch() expects a string or array of strings.
#2178795 follow-up by tim.plunkett: Fix conflict with recently committed patch.
#2178795 by tim.plunkett, jlbellido, YesCT, Berdir, Xano: Allow DiscoveryInterface::getDefinition() to throw an exception for an invalid plugin.
#2270339 by YesCT, martin107: is a misleading variable name in TokenReplaceUnitTestBase.
#2259275 by filijonka, sun, Xano: Rename "DrupalUnitTestBase" to KernelTestBase.
#2228215 by znerol, Berdir: Remove module check in DrupalKernel.
Revert "Issue #2228215 by znerol, Berdir: Remove module check in DrupalKernel."
#2226871 by tim.plunkett: ConfirmFormInterface::getCancelRoute() should always return DrupalCoreUrl.
#2039435 by Xano, Berdir | akshay.swnt22: Convert EntityManager to extend DefaultPluginManager.
#2096899 by amateescu, msonnabaum | Berdir: Add ::create() to simplify creating new entities.
#2268801 by tim.plunkett: Update ConditionInterface to use recently added plugin interfaces.
#2267329 by tim.plunkett | joachim: Move EntityWithPluginBagInterface out of DrupalCoreConfigEntity and make it useful for more than one bag.
#2259823 by beejeebus, Wim Leers: Make cache->created be to the millisecond.
#2267753 by pwolanin, amateescu, YesCT, Berdir: ContentEntityDatabaseStorage::mapToStorageRecord hard-codes ->->value.
#1289536 by RobLoach, Crell, Pancho, pounard, socketwench, fgm, dawehner, scor, tim.plunkett, larowlan, ParisLiakos: Switch Watchdog to a PSR-3 logging framework.
#2264179 by Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85, alexpott, benjy: Clarify use of property/undefined and add an ignore type in configuration schema.
Revert "Issue #2267753 by pwolanin, YesCT, Berdir: ContentEntityDatabaseStorage::mapToStorageRecord hard-codes $entity->$name->value."
#2259209 by roderik, larowlan: Fix CommentStatistics::read().
#2207777 by Wim Leers, pjonckiere, Rajesh Ashok | alexpott: Can not configure editor whilst creating a new text format.
#2218057 by jhodgdon, dawehner: Search Views integration - filter needs to join to node_field_data.langcode.
#2267753 by pwolanin, YesCT, Berdir: ContentEntityDatabaseStorage::mapToStorageRecord hard-codes $entity->$name->value.
#2139583 by damiankloip, dawehner: Clarify error message when services.yml definitions are missing top-level keys.
#2190313 by pfrenssen, Berdir, amateescu, ianthomas_uk: Add $EntityType::load() and loadMultiple() to simplify loading entities.
#2229167 by dawehner, marthinal, Bojhan: Broken/missing handler (Module: node)
#1503464 by plopesc, larowlan, joelpittet, svenaas: Automatically add theme hook suggestion for node view mode.
#2223423 by Xano, tim.plunkett: Stop extending DrupalCoreEntityEntity in unit tests.
#2263351 by jcisio: Replace accidentally removed part of default.settings.php.
#2253109 by ParisLiakos: Bring .htaccess and web.config up to date.
#1807662 by sun, beejeebus, damiankloip, Wim Leers, Mixologic: Built-in APCu support in core (PHP 5.5 only).
#2266501 by Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85, YesCT: Array level schema errors are not reported, fix wrong schemas identified.
#2265977 by olli: fixed php backend serialization.
#2254183 by sun, tim.plunkett: Fix test performance of DrupalfilterTestsFilterAdminTest.
#2262861 by alexpott: Add concept of collections to config storages.
#2222719 by effulgentsia, tim.plunkett, xjm, dawehner: Use parameter matching via reflection for access checks instead of pulling variables from request attributes.
#375062 by cs_shadow, juampy, theunraveler, mondrake, hswong3i, smk-ka: Imagecolorsforindex() Color index nnn out of range in GDToolkit.
#2266377 by dawehner, bkosborne, pwolanin: Speed up UrlGenerator a little by setting the ´external´ option in the Url object .
#2267763 by pwolanin, tim.plunkett: Page titles with %placeholders are broken when used as breadcrumbs.
#2266859 by tim.plunkett: Move the dependency calculation helper methods from ConfigEntityBase to generic traits.
#2268439 by Gábor Hojtsy: String introspection backwards data typing is confusing / incorrect.
#2258299 by juampy: Dblog_menu_link_defaults_alter() must set ´machine_name´ to avoid duplicates.
#2261401 by Berdir: Automatically provide bundle info/list based on bundle_of annotation.
#2256355 by tim.plunkett: Make block plugins usable outside the block entity context.
#2116363 by Berdir, jessebeach | fago: Unified repository of field definitions (cache + API).
Revert "Revert "Issue #2241633 by sun: Simplify site-specific service overrides.""
Revert "Issue #2241633 by sun: Simplify site-specific service overrides."
#2229181 by pwolanin, Berdir, fago: MapItem::propertyDefinitions() claims it has a static value property, which is wrong.
#2249113 by tstoeckler, jessebeach: Use an entity save instead of db_insert() in user_install().
#2261369 by Berdir: Introduce a common config entity base class for all bundle config entity types.
#2257835 by tim.plunkett, sun, Jalandhar: Move form submission logic out of FormBuilder into a new class.
#2263351 by Wim Leers: Text Editor´s in-place editing plugin broke in-place editing at large due to PHP fatal.
#2266547 by alexpott, sun: TestKernel is not adding its service provider correctly.
#2198713 by tstoeckler: Add a settings.php variable to allow to discover/enable test extensions at regular runtime.
#2209337 by tstoeckler: Remove hidden property from test extensions.
#2254495 by sun, ParisLiakos, alexpott: Followup to Move language_admin_predefined_list to ConfigurableLanguageManager.
#2223251 by Berdir: InputRequired plugin passes incorrect dependency to init method.
Revert "git commit -m Issue"
#2260321 by sun: Use Testing profile instead of Minimal profile in interactive installer tests by default.
git commit -m Issue
#2240555 by penyaskito: Preselect language when importing translations previously exported.
#2241633 by sun: Simplify site-specific service overrides.
#2126761 by Tim Bozeman, SGhosh, Jalandhar: The body field summary textarea indicates it has a description with aria-describedby attribute, but the DOM id value points to a non-existent node.
#2218117 by dawehner, EclipseGc: Bring back metatag support for the HtmlPage object.
#2259301 by martin107 | alexpott: Move OptGroup tests out of FormBuilderTest.
#2260035 by blueminds | jhodgdon: Hook_field_info_max_weight in field.api.php is not in a group/topic.
#2261461 by neclimdul: Fix indentation in default.settings.php.
#2079863 by filijonka, mrsinguyen, fabricebernhard, Chernous_dn, YesCT: Remove Unused local variable from /core/lib/Drupal/Component Utility/Crypt.php Transliteration/PHPTransliteration.php Utility/UserAgent.php Gettext/PoHeader.php.
#2088027 by tim.plunkett | YesCT: Just placed block keeps changed color even after saving the block layout page.
#2247595 by neclimdul: Fix phpunit coverage warnings.
#2263849 by cs_shadow: Typo in comment/comment.tokens.inc (´tokes´ instead of ´tokens´).
#2225959 by chx, ultimike: D6 Users and User Profile data isn´t migrating.
#2214313 by chx, ultimike, benjy | eliza411: Contact: Not all values are being migrated.
#2260239 by ultimike: D6->D8 Profile field (checkbox).
#2211611 by benjy | eliza411: The view mode source misses a requirements check for CCK.
#2263453 by chx, benjy: Split migration_dependencies into two keys.
#2264717 by penyaskito: Convert MigrateDrupal6Test into a reusable abstract class which can be reused for D7 and other migrations .
#2253977 by martin107, Mixologic: Use ConfigFactoryInterface to type hint ConfigFactory, Part II.
#2265913 by pwolanin: LinkGenerator::generateFromUrl() fatal (uncaught exception) with external URL.
#2250429 by ultimike, chx: D6_block migration not migrating all blocks.
#2241249 by Wim Leers: First step in making search results pages cacheable: add the associated SearchPage´s cache tag.
#2262195 by sun: Various test classes are missing phpDoc.
#2262147 by sun: Various base test classes are not abstract.
#2263287 by alexpott: Test the CachedStorage class using ConfigStorageTestBase.
#2068333 by roderik, skipyT, pcambra, plach, Désiré, marcingy, peximo: Convert node SQL queries to the Entity Query API.
#2241235 by Wim Leers: Shortcut/ShortcutSet entity types should use cache tags.
#2263273 by alexpott: Config_snapshot table can be created by the storage class itself.
#2226933 by cs_shadow, tim.plunkett, mandar.harkare, mortendk: Remove odd, even, first & last classes from views-view-unformatted.html.twig.
#2116551 by cam8001, amateescu, swentel, Xano | webchick: Fix the UX of Entity Reference fields.
#2122761 by znerol, heddn: SessionHttpsTest only runs half the tests.
#2263255 by alexpott: Cache.config only has a single key in it for config schema this seems a waste.
#2226395 by benjy | penyaskito: Expand Drupal6FieldInstance testing with a float field.
#2263329 by dawehner: CommentDefaultFormatterCacheTagsTest just works because nothing uses AccountProxyInterface in HEAD.
#2256405: VocabularyUnitTest and VocabularyTest are misnamed.
#2256405 by blueminds: VocabularyUnitTest and VocabularyTest are misnamed.
Revert "Issue #2256405 by blueminds: VocabularyUnitTest and VocabularyTest are misnamed."
#2262483 by sun: Some PHPUnit tests do not exist.
#2012468 by blueminds, plach: Add trusted roles recommendation to ´access site reports´.
#2263201 by alexpott: ConfigImportUITest has a random failure.
#2259525 by alexpott: System.action.user_add_role_action.ROLE_ID does not match any config schema.
#2039163 by Reinmar, Wim Leers: Update CKEditor library to 4.4.
#2261677 by alexpott, Berdir: Entity displays need to depend on the entity provider is there is no bundle entity type.
#2228261 by beejeebus, kim.pepper, alexpott, Wim Leers | catch: Add a local, PhpStorage-based cache backend.
#2238087 by znerol, YesCT: Rebase SessionManager onto Symfony NativeSessionStorage.
#2256877 by znerol: Remove the API function to check if a cache bin is empty.
#2254777 by m1r1k: Block category autocomplete does not work.
#2224549 by tstoeckler, fago, Xano: Simplify checking whether an entity type is revisionable.
#2257709 by znerol, Wim Leers: Remove the interdependence between the internal page cache and management of the Cache-Control header for external caches.
#2255369 by larowlan, Xano: DialogController does not respect [´#title´] for the page title.
#2216437 by Wim Leers: Entity labels are not in-place editable on ´full entity page´ (prime example: node title).
#2257395 by marcingy: URL helper functions were converted in an inconsient manner.
#2261459 by tim.plunkett: Expand deprecated comment for system_rebuild_theme_data
#2257757 by martin107: Drupal::isConfigSyncing should be marked as static.
#2257421 by Wim Leers, effulgentsia: Convert CommentDefaultFormatterCacheTagsTest from web test to entity unit test.
#2226933 by mandar.harkare, mortendk: Remove odd, even, first & last classes from views-view-unformatted.html.twig.
#2226501 by drunken monkey: Add execute() to the SelectInterface.
#2254211 by sun: Fix test performance of DrupaltaxonomyTestsLegacyTest.
#2254197 by sun: Fix test performance of DrupalsearchTestsSearchCommentTest.
#2152217 by joelpittet, mgifford, vijaycs85, jjcarrion, sun: Remove theme_form_required_marker() from the theme system - use CSS instead.
#2257807 by znerol: Remove ´Forever´ from the Page cache maximum age options.
#2168809 by sun, damiankloip: Do not add the Guzzle HTTP client request subscriber outside of test environment.
#2254195 by sun: Fix test performance of DrupalsearchTestsSearchCommentCountToggleTest.
#2207585 by damiankloip, Xano, dawehner: Find a new OO home for drupal_get_hash_salt().
#2241291 by Wim Leers: Regression: menu link-specific cache tags.
Revert "Issue #1106160 by tim.plunkett, BarisW: Fixed Color module uses the public file system but doesn´t check if it is set."
#2261391 by pwolanin, Crell: Fix up throws and other docs for FactoryInterface
#2124365 by Mile23: Expand phpunit tests for DrupalCoreDatabaseConnection.
#2183113 by jhodgdon, effulgentsia, tim.plunkett, herom, larowlan: Update hook_help signature to use route_name instead of path.
#2241827 follow-up by tim.plunkett, sun: Switch from form builder to new form validator.
#1832870 by -enzo-, YesCT, EllaTheHarpy, Pinolo, dlu, seranooo5, ivanchaer, mauzeh, filijonka, robertdbailey | maryedith: Only show source translation column if there are 2 or more source languages (more than n/a and the original language).
#2216531 by Jalandhar, Mile23: Improve unit test annotation for SimpleTest.
#1932074 follow-up by andypost: Remove duplicated #type declaration.
#2030605 by tim.plunkett, mr.baileys, webwarrior, Wim Leers | plopesc: Expand Editor with methods.
#2241827 by killua99, dawehner, djevans | Crell: Using a numeric placeholder in paths in Views UI causes fatal error.
#2251829 by damiankloip: Add ´Guzzle´ back to HTTP clients default user agent header.
#2258091 by yched: Reorder methods in EntityViewBuilder into more logical sequence.
#2259315 by effulgentsia: Remove _system_path usage from shortcut.module.
#2191785 by sun: Password managers are identifying/storing wrong username field when creating a user account.
#2259361 by jweowu | David_Rothstein: Document that db_query_temporary() can only be used on SELECT queries.
#2258831 by sun | Wim Leers: Stream wrappers of test runner are not restored after test completion.
#2259167 by sun: Disable CSS/JS aggregation and caching in tests by default.
#2257229 by marcingy | alasda: Cannot add external url or as menu item.
#2257427 by sun: Run-tests.sh builds + rebuilds two kernels from scratch for every PHP process.
#2257769 by tstoeckler | sun: Adding an Entity Reference field in the Field UI throws a PHP notice; fails to add field.
#1871762 by eojthebrave, jibran, xjm: Add detailed documentation explaining the block system´s architecture.
#2245721 by vijaycs85, YesCT: Add missing configuration schema in language component.
#2209977 by tim.plunkett: Move form validation logic out of FormBuilder into a new class.
#2257283 by cs_shadow, filijonka: Fix obsolete references to form_set_error() in FormErrorInterface docs
#2252081 by Xano: Move implementation-specific docs out of PluginFormInterface
Oops. Not that file. :P
#2239935 by marcingy, ParisLiakos: Remove filter_xss_* deprecated functions.
#2226761 by Wim Leers: Change all default settings and config to fast/safe production values.
#2245727 by alexpott | vijaycs85: Add missing configuration schema in Breakpoint component.
#2233619 by slashrsm, Jalandhar: Merge lookup functions in AliasManager.
#2254495 by ParisLiakos, alexpott: Move language_admin_predefined_list to ConfigurableLanguageManager.
#2176621 by sun, alexpott: Remove global .
#2219121 by bdone: Remove spacing issue in config/*.yml.
#2248951 by eojthebrave: Missing documentation for block plugin annotations.
#2250335 by drupaledmonk, pingwin4eg | jhodgdon: Forum hook_help still using URL instead of route.
#2258333 by ParisLiakos: Invalid @covers annotation for TokenUnitTest.
#1919916 by oadaeh, larowlan, jessehs, babruix: Change label of custom block default body field from "Block body" to just "Body".
#2248985 by sun: ScriptTest fails on Windows, runs against parent site.
#2240463 by robertdbailey, balagan, holly.ross.drupal: Fix text: languages are not "enabled/disabled" anymore, they are added/removed.
#2240007 by sun, YesCT, mr.baileys | Gábor Hojtsy: Regression: early installer is not in RTL after selecting RTL language.
#2257327 by jessebeach: ´Field system´ is missing in maintainers.txt.
#2245729 by alexpott | vijaycs85: Add missing configuration schema in Color component.
#2256317 by sun: Remove static caching from WebTestBase::checkPermissions().
#2256919 by Berdir: Missing view modes for aggregator feed items.
Commenting test to explain what´s happening.
#1939008 by sun, joelpittet, gnuget, Gokul N K, sphism, drupalninja99, c4rl, Cottser, mdrummond, long wave, steveoliver, andypost, Fabianx | jenlampton: Convert theme_table() to Twig.
#2221041 by alexpott, sun | StuartJNCC: Color palette setting controls are duplicated.
#2254765 by damiankloip: No confirmation messages when Views UI settings forms are saved.
#2251119 by alimac | dawehner: Hovering about display links changes the position.
#2251221 by alimac, lokapujya: Views Display Tabs: remove gray top border.
MAINTAINERS.txt: now with fewer typos! :P
#2257745 by martin107 | ParisLiakos: Switch t() to ->t() in ExceptionController.
#2225605 by znerol: Use request stack in form builder.
#2249025 by xjm: Update Security topic coordinators section in MAINTAINERS.txt.
#2257319 by jessebeach: Change ´Edit´ to ´Quick edit´ in maintainers.txt.
#2255073 by jmarkel: Fix up docs for node_uri() function
#2099131 by jessebeach, Wim Leers, catch, Berdir, benjifisher, martin107, andypost: Use #pre_render pattern for entity render caching.
#2079797 by ParisLiakos, Xano, amateescu, tim.plunkett: Provide a trait for $this->t() and $this->formatPlural().
#2198325 by fietserwin: GetPathToken not in ImageStyleInterface (+2 other minor cleanups).
#2201051 by andypost, sun, Berdir: Convert path.module form alters to a field widget.
#2158571 by tstoeckler, dawehner, kgoel, tim.plunkett, catch, effulgentsia: Routes added in RouteSubscribers cannot be altered.
Follow-up to Issue #2151105 : Helps if I commit the template file doesn´t it? ;)
#2151105 by Cottser, longwave, joelpittet: Convert theme_system_admin_index() to Twig.
#2216529 by jhodgdon: Fill in topic/@defgroup docs for Config and State System.
#2216561 by jhodgdon: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Extending Drupal.
#2167071 by likin: Remove onHTML event from ViewSubscriber - deprecated.
#2249899 by damiankloip: Refactor DrupalCoreCron.
#2250491 by damiankloip: Remove duplicate methods from Settings class.
#2039021 by tim.plunkett, Berdir, Xano | akshay.swnt22: Convert ActionManager to extend DefaultPluginManager.
#2084323 by Berdir, sandipmkhairnar, Xano, Jalandhar: EntityForm::actions() adds ´delete´ without checking access.
#2208617 by tim.plunkett: Add key value entity storage.
#2241431 by anavarre: _content in routing files should always have a leading backslash.
#2252967 by sun: RebuildContainer() is not limited to web tests (WebTestBase).
#2245003 by znerol, YesCT, sun, damiankloip: Use a random seed instead of the session_id for CSRF token generation.
#2195967 by tstoeckler, pameeela: Update content of views tour to align with standards.
#2236879 by andrei.dincu | tstoeckler: Broken condition in ContentEntityDatabaseStorage.
#1978918 by likin, Luxian, vijaycs85, Pancho, disasm: Convert locale_translate_import_form to a Controller.
#2251915 by tim.plunkett: Overridden config bleeds through to admin forms.
#2239065 by tim.plunkett | webchick: Overridden config bleeding through to configuration forms.
#2162837 by Wim Leers, jibran | nod_: Split up contextual.toolbar.js.
#2191429 by eojthebrave, tim.plunkett: Fix up Form API topic docs in form.inc
#323926 by porchlight, Tor Arne Thune, mr.baileys, rszrama: Settings for non-existent theme.
#890362 by BarisW, Jeff Burnz, mgifford: Links should not be indicated by color only.
#2228261 by beejeebus, kim.pepper, alexpott, Wim Leers: Add a local, PhpStorage-based cache backend.
#2239833 by Wim Leers: Regression: Menu contextual links no longer visible in menu blocks.
#2204159 by Wim Leers, longwave, tim.plunkett: (Responsive) Image styles do not add correct cache tags, nor do they invalidate cache tags upon flushing.
#2100313 by dawehner, pwolanin: Move non-core services out of core.services.yml.
#2250381 by mortendk: Remove the inner div wrapper from forms.
#1824360 by morningtime, Mixologic: Drupal sets $_SERVER[´HTTP_REFERER´] to the empty string when no Referer: header was sent.
#2245001 by andypost: Remove unneeded CommentManagerInterface::getParentEntityUri().
#1932074 by mgifford, larowlan, nick_schuch: Tags Includes Label which isn´t Associated with an Input Form.
#2248149 by jessebeach, donquixote, sun: Use __DIR__ instead of drupal_get_path() for local PSR-0/PSR-4 directories.
#2213319 by sun, dawehner: Create a single Container CompilerPass to collect + add handlers to consumer service definitions.
#2147009 by tim.plunkett, RoSk0 | vijaycs85: Convert all forms in ajax_forms_test module to FormInterface.
#2222431 by TechNikh, visabhishek, YesCT, jhodgdon: Project name clean up after Picture module renamed Responsive Image.
#2245989 by juampy: Wrong class docblock in TableSortExtenderUnitTest.php.
#2226805 by ChandeepKhosa | Cottser: Remove unneeded code from template_preprocess_field().
#2248051 by Sutharsan: Remove last references to Entity Storage Controller.
#2235099 by ParisLiakos, catch: Move Archiver to Drupal/Core.
#2018795 by mgifford: Add Jesse Beach as a Accessibility Maintainer.
#2238077 by Berdir, alexpott, tim.plunkett: Rename EntityFormController to EntityForm.
#2243549 by agerson, cs_shadow | jhodgdon: Text changes needed as follow-up to Menu UI module rename.
#2207743 by dawehner, Xano: Convert element_info() to a service.
#2210755 by damiankloip, tim.plunkett: Add an area handler to display drupal_set_messages.
#2160365 by plopesc, vijaycs85: Date field required marker rendered as "Array".
#216064 by Xano, idflood, drifter, Artusamak, ygerasimov, sun, ParisLiakos, Cottser, TravisCarden, marcingy, floretan, catch, tedbow: Entity form "Delete" button triggers server-side + HTML5 form validation; change "Delete" button to a link.
#1987802 by disasm, pfrenssen, laurentchardin, tim.plunkett, fgm, vijaycs85, plopesc, Xano, dawehner, h3rj4n: Convert path_admin_overview() to a new style controller.
#2208475 by sun, Xano, Jalandhar, andrei.dincu: Move Settings into DrupalCoreSiteSettings.
#2249021 by xjm: Fix username for ParisLiakos in MAINTAINERS.txt.
#2248881 by neclimdul: Fix indentation mistake. Nominated for simplest patch of the month award by dawehner.
#2247281 by sun, pwolanin: Installer checks wrong config storage to verify installation state.
#2248151 by catch, tstoeckler: follow-up remove empty db.sqlite file that the patch added.
#2201785 by sun, Berdir: Remove drupal_flush_all_caches() from installer.
#2248151 by tim.plunkett, xjm, alexpott: Configurable plugins can not control instance-specific config dependencies.
#1929816 by lokapujya, penyaskito, reszli, JStanton, Gábor Hojtsy, catch: Remove all references to/implementations of hook_schema_0().
#2231505 by joelpittet, baisong | Cottser: Convert theme_field__node__title() to Twig.
#2183963 by jhodgdon: Add tests for User search.
#2168321 by longwave, martin107: Several files have incorrect indentation.
#2248175 by xjm: Add timplunkett as a maintainer for the plugin system.
#2241735 by tim.plunkett: Throw an exception when form errors are set outside of validation.
#2121299 by andypost, bdone, benjy, penyaskito, chx, claudiu.cristea, damiankloip, gregboggs, InternetDevels, jessehs, jhedstrom, marvil07, mikeryan, pcambra, Xano, YesCT, axoplasm, kgoel, dclavain, jeckman, alvar0hurtad0, Drupali, fastangel, gloob, jhedstrom, joshtaylor, mpgeek, alexpott: Migrate Drupal 6 to Drupal 8
#2245777 by pwolanin: Fix file docs in LocalTaskManager
#2244087 by cs_shadow, andrei.dincu, joachim: Add explanation comment in NodeCreationTest
#2141523 by effulgentsia, tim.plunkett: Comment´s comment.bundle route contains unused code.
#2244775 by bdone: Declare a maximum length for contact category machine name.
#2204157 by pjonckiere, sun, Alumei: Remove deprecated URL helper functions from common.inc.
#2238649 by visabhishek, bookmarvel, chx: Expirable key value store interface is wrong in comments.
#1166114 by jhodgdon, tomogden, Rajendar Reddy, larowlan, swentel, splatio, erics14: Manage Displays Search Results doesn´t manage the display of the search results.
#2241549 by neclimdul: Remove registerContainerConfiguration() cruft from DrupalKernel.
#2236089 by cs_shadow, sriharsha.uppuluri: theme_settings schema duplicates the label Shortcut icon settings where it doesn´t make sense.
#1842326 by c4rl, sun, joelpittet, pakmanlh, jjcarrion | jenlampton: Merge _theme_table_cell() into theme_table().
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