Dropbox 2.8.4

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News del 20 Giugno 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Dropbox 2.8.4
Dropbox è un servizio di file storage e sincronizzazione automatica multipiattaforma via Web, il quale si basa sul protocollo SSL

Note di rilascio:

Hi forums! We´ve got a new stable build we´d like you to try.

New in 2.8.4

Make proxy detection on Windows more robust.
Other small fixes.

New in the 2.8 series

Prompt to selective sync in the setupwizard for large Dropboxes.
Auto sign-in installers for Windows and Mac OS X.
Notification when your hard disk is full.
New icons in the tray popup.

Prompt to selective sync in the setupwizard for large Dropboxes - if your Dropbox is more than 10 GB or syncing your Dropbox would fill up most of your remaining hard disk space, we will prompt you to use selective sync to skip syncing some of your folders. Note that this prompt is skipped if you have previously linked this account, as we assume you´ll have your selective sync settings from before.
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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