Dropbox 1.3.34 Beta

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News del 06 Aprile 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Dropbox 1.3.34 Beta
Dropbox è un servizio di file storage e sincronizzazione automatica multipiattaforma via Web, il quale si basa sul protocollo SSL e permette di accedere ai file tramite password.


- New prettier graphics in photo splash screen!
- Better handling for out of quota issues while importing.
- Better detection for passcode locked devices on OSX.
- Better bookkeeping of files placed in the cache folder.
- Other small fixes.


- Clients 1.3.7 and earlier had an auto-update bug. Please install this version so that your client will stay up to date!
- The photo import feature is not available on Mac 10.4 and Linux.
- For Android devices, it´s best to use "Connect as Disk Drive". HTC Sync will not work.
- If importing from your iPhone on Mac gives an import error, try hard resetting it--hold down the power and the home button for 5 seconds. This will reboot the phone; it shouldn´t change your settings or delete data.
- On Windows, this feature relies on Autoplay. Please enable Autoplay to use this feature if you have disabled it.
- On XP and Vista, it relies on the Windows Image Acquisition Service. If this service is not started, please start the service and reinstall Dropbox to use this feature. On WIndows Server, you may have to install the Desktop Experience feature.
- On Windows 7, newer devices that rely on Device Stage (in the Control Panel) will not show Dropbox as an import option until you select "Change Program" for the default.- The Galaxy Nexus takes a lot of time to connect on OS X because it likes to pretend that every image on the device is a photograph. We now estimate how long it´s going to take and show you that in the progress bar but it´s usually in the order of minutes.
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