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News del 05 Luglio 07 Autore: Alberto

DreamMail è un nuovo client per e-mail dotato di interessanti caratteristiche:

  • Multi-accounts & Multi-users:
    DreamMail can manage many users at same time, and can set perfectly many mail accounts.
  • Templates and signatures management
    Mail templates are included into the software, and you caneasily create yourself new templates. You can also edit your signatures, and change them according to your feelings !
  • Antispam filter, scan every dangerous file
    The antispam filter spots spams through all your mails and send them to SPAM box.
  • Miscellaneous protocols management
    POP3, SMTP, ESMTP protocols are available. Webmails like Hotmail or Yahoo! are easily accessible from the User Interface.
  • Rules of messages
    Manage black & white lists to send your mails to your Mailbox(es) or to Spam Box(es).
  • Multiple sending
    You can send a mail to your whole family, or to many of your friends, Multi-sending can help you to write only one message for all receivers...
  • Data compress
    Your data (accounts, contacts, mail list) can be automatically compressed to use less disk space.
  • View in HTML or TEXT mode
    Received mails can be displayed on HTML mode or TEXT mode.
  • Preview online or offline
    You can disable downloading online contents to protect your computer from spams.
  • Easy access to source and headers
    Headers and source can be easily displayed by clicking on toolbar, that can help knowing where your mails come from.

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Mb 5,35

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista

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