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News del 15 Luglio 04 Autore: Blybly
Dr. DivX 1.0.5
Devo dire che sono rimasto molto colpito dalla semplicità d'uso e dalla validità del risultato finale di questo software. Dr. Divx è come si evince anche dal nome, un programma per la trasformazione di qualsiasi formato video in DivX. Released 15-07-2004 New:
  • Surround sound AC-3 audio support
  • High Definition transport stream encoding
  • MP3 CBR/VBR audio encoding support
  • Audio boost to fix low audio encoding
  • Audio stream name detection from DVD input (must have IFO file)
  • Additional 15 day trial extension
  • Latest 5.2 codec (Divx pro 5.2)
  • Adaptive bi-directional coding
  • MPEG-2 quantization
  • Bitrate calculator
  • Automatic updates Improved:
  • The DVD backup VOB analysis
  • Video analysis
  • File input analysis
  • MP3 audio bitrate level options
  • Simplicity of registration and activation process
  • Accuracy of file splitting
  • DV encoding to incur less dropped frames
  • Accounting for RIFF chunk overhead resulting in more accurate file sizes
  • Interlaced/progressive settings Fixed:
  • Slow audio bug for certain DV cameras
  • Dropped frames when capturing to DV
  • Duration analysis bug which caused MPEG-2 streams to be detected with shorter durations
  • Crashes and halts which occurred when a third party AC3 decoder was not present
  • A bug causing DV audio to be slowed when sampling rate was below 44.1 Khz
  • The opening of transport (.ts) stream files
  • Encoding for playback on PocketPC player
  • A bug wherein file splitting would cause a crash on 2nd pass
  • A bug that caused Dr. DivX to crash when using VirtualDub filters
  • A bug wherein changing the MV path could cause an MV error in two pass encodes (MV is now removed from the codec and Dr. DivX as a feature)
  • An issue with hidden DivX and Custom Profile area
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    Dimensioni: 10 Mb

    OS: Tutti i Windows

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