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DivX v4.02 - immagine 4ivX4.02 FullInstaller


So what's new in DivX 4.02? Well, it's completely re-written to improve performance and visual quality. The code base is different from all earlier versions, including the open-source OpenDivX codec. Some new features:
* Items in red refer to 4.02 improvements.

-Average Increased Encoding Performance of 20%
-New Post-Processing/Deringing Algorithm. Great improvement in video playback quality.
-Improved decoder performance
-Higher encoding performance, almost 4 times faster than previous version
-Multipass encoding and 2 different variable bit rate modes
-Improved visual quality
-Highly scalable codec from 16x16 pixels to 1920x1280 pixels (i.e. HDTV). All even integer dimensions are acceptable.
-Support for popular encoding/editing applications
-Plays all DivXTM content
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