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News del 16 Marzo 02 Autore: BiOS
DivX Player 2.0 Alpha2 - immagine 2isponibile per il download la versione 2.0 Alpha 2 del player ufficiale DivX. Queste le novità introdotte:

  • Added user preferences that allow you to disable the startup splash screen and the startup version check.
  • Added error handling to the "custom aspect ratio" dialog to prevent bad values from being entered.
  • Added a user preference that allows you to choose a specific playback mode for the application to start in when the application is started by double-clicking a video file (e.g., so you can have movies immediately begin playing in fullscreen mode after double-clicking a file).

  • Improved audio handling in DivX 3.11a video files.
  • Improved the handling of third party MPEG-4 files. The MPEG-4 standard is huge, and version 2.0 Alpha had some problems parsing certain types of MPEG-4 files. We fixed these parsing and data handling issues. Our support for all MPEG-4 files will be an ongoing process. A remaining known issue is that we do not support MPEG-4 files with multiple video streams.
  • Made some general performance improvements. These should smooth out playback on some systems.
  • Changed the startup version check and made it an asynchronous operation. The application will now respond to events while the version check is taking place.

  • Fixed a bug where the Player would instantly exit when opening a video file. This was caused by the built-in MP3 audio decoder we are using and how it was doing seeking.
  • Fixed a known issue where the resuming playback would be delayed when you paused and resumed playback on a video with no sound track.
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the escape key while the newsletter subscription dialog was displayed would freeze the application.
  • Fixed a known issue where files with the "~" character in their names would cause visual artifacts to be displayed next to the movie name in the GUI.

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