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News del 15 Luglio 04 Autore: Canaro
Rilascita una versione aggiornata degli apprezzati codec DivX. Novità e bug fix:- Support for three new languages DivX 5.2 is available in English, French, German, and Japanese. - No Adware DivX Pro 5.2 6 Month Free Trial no longer contains an adware package. That means you can kiss those pesky pop up ads goodbye while you browse the web when using DivX Pro. - Encoder: Bitrate Calculator You can now calculate the bitrate you need to hit a target file size directly within the encoder configuration dialogue. Simply enter your target file size, the length of your video, and the audio bitrate. - Encoder: Adaptive Bi-directional Coding Bi-directionally encoded frames were first introduced in DivX 5.0, giving a staggering 20% reduction in file size at equivalent perceptual quality. - Encoder: MPEG2 Quantization DivX 5.2 has better scalability thanks to MPEG2 Quantization support. - Encoder: Intel SSE3 (Prescott) Optimizations The DivX 5.2 encoder features optimizations for Intel Prescott CPU's, improving performance by up to 15%. - Encoder: Multi-threaded Feedback Window The encoder feedback window is now multi-threaded. If your PC has a HyperThreaded CPU, or multiple CPU's, you can now enjoy the benefits of real-time encoder feedback and control with minimal impact on encoding performance. - Decoder: Generic MPEG-4 The DivX 5.1 encoder included a Generic MPEG-4 decoding option. In this release we have improved our generic MPEG-4 support so that your favorite decoder can play more of your favorite movies. - Decoder: Blocking fix (Oops!) The 5.2 decoder corrects a small issue that can cause blocks to be displayed along high-contrast edges in the picture, mainly affecting anime content. Watch Pokémon as it was meant to be viewed once again! - Automatic update DivX 5.2 can check for updates automatically when you are connected to the Internet, prompt you when new updates are available, and download them for you. - Handheld Profile update The handheld profile has been updated to better reflect the capabilities of DivX Certified devices already present in the consumer marketplace.
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