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News del 02 Gennaio 03 Autore: Canaro
Su eseguiti una serie di benchmarks per determinare, se ve ne sono, le migliori prestazioni delle nuove API Microsoft.Final Words In terms of performance, don't hold your breath with todays games. Other than UT2K3, performance gains are non-existent. I did run the Asbestos and Citadel UT2K3 benchmarks as well, and saw 5-10fps boosts, so there is an improvement there. I do think your hardware and drivers will play a part in the performance improvements though, as a DX9 part will likely see larger benefits. As for some of our older DX games, I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. The question is, will DX9 hose my system? Well, considering Microsoft does NOT provide any means to uninstall it (though 3D Center has a download here), you'd better make some backups before downloading it. On both our AMD KT333 setup, as well as our P4 SiS setup, I've experienced zero instabilities thus far. As for ATi's latest Catalyst drivers, we also saw small improvements to the benchmark scores. Whether or not you should try them will depend on your needs. Like any driver, it may screw your system up, but it also can correct problems you may have had in 2D or 3D apps. Your milage may vary with either DX9 or the Catalyst 3.0s, so good luck.Leggi Direct X 9 Benchmarks (inglese)
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