Deluge 1.3.9

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News del 07 Ottobre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Deluge 1.3.9
Deluge è un programma P2P di file-sharing rilasciato sotto licenza GNU GPL completamente compatibile con BitTorrent, uno dei più popolari protocolli P2P.


Deluge 1.3.9 (4 October 2014)


#2514: Fix every torrent is displayed twice in classic mode
Deluge 1.3.8 (4 October 2014)


#1126 & #2322: Emit FinishedEvent? after moving storage complete
Fixes to mitigate fastresume corruption

#2335: Fix application startup failing with ´cannot acquire lock´ error
#2497: Fix the Queued Torrents ´Clear´ button not properly clearing the list of torrent
#2496: Fix updating core_config before setting default options
#2493: Fix TypeError? if active workspace is None
LP:#1168858: Nautilus window opens behind current window
Fix showing the open_folder menuitem
Suppress unimportant gnome warnings
Optimized the updating of the torrent view
Fixed Indicator icon label issue
Fix listview error with new config

Ensure values are updated from config upon showing a plugin page

Add WebUI plugin page
Find 7-zip application path on Windows via registry

#1290: Add a TorrentRemoved? event option

#2238: Fix an ´undefined this.scheduleCells´ error in javascript console

#1310: Add WebUI plugin page

#2478: Add WebUI plugin page

#2470: Fix console parsing args
Deluge 1.3.7 (9 July 2014)


#2324: Encryption level set by Deluge did not match libtorrent values
#2303: Torrent state was not updated until after emitting TorrentFinishedEvent?
Fix twisted 13.1 compatability
#2343: Fix error if listen interface is whitespace
#2082: Validate ip address for listen_interface entry
#1490: Increase the Alertmanager interval to 0.3s
Prevent private flagged torrents auto-merging trackers

Fix issue with Plugins that add Tab to torrentdetails
Fix the scalable icon install directory
#2335: Fix IPC lockfile issue preventing start of deluge-gtk
#2365: Fix hiding Progress column generating TypeError?
#2371: Add StartupWMClass to desktop file
#2372: Fix the Ratio column not retaining position
#2369: Fix bypassing the password dialog when showing/quitting

#2374: Fix right-click selection issue
#2310: Fix unicode password support
#2418: Fix WebUI error when adding non-ascii torrent
Windows OS

Allow silent uninstall for Windows package
#2367: Fix DelugeStart? theme not showing Private Flag as ticked/checked
#2315: Potential fix for lost window issue

#2290: Fix dotted filenames being rejected
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

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