Deluge 1.3.7

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News del 10 Luglio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Deluge 1.3.7
Deluge è un programma P2P di file-sharing rilasciato sotto licenza GNU GPL completamente compatibile con BitTorrent, uno dei più popolari protocolli P2P.



#2324: Encryption level set by Deluge did not match libtorrent values
#2303: Torrent state was not updated until after emitting TorrentFinishedEvent?
Fix twisted 13.1 compatability
#2343: Fix error if listen interface is whitespace
#2082: Validate ip address for listen_interface entry
#1490: Increase the Alertmanager interval to 0.3s
Prevent private flagged torrents auto-merging trackers

Fix issue with Plugins that add Tab to torrentdetails
Fix the scalable icon install directory
#2335: Fix IPC lockfile issue preventing start of deluge-gtk
#2365: Fix hiding Progress column generating TypeError?
#2371: Add StartupWMClass to desktop file
#2372: Fix the Ratio column not retaining position
#2369: Fix bypassing the password dialog when showing/quitting

#2374: Fix right-click selection issue
#2310: Fix unicode password support
#2418: Fix WebUI error when adding non-ascii torrent
Windows OS

Allow silent uninstall for Windows package
#2367: Fix DelugeStart? theme not showing Private Flag as ticked/checked
#2315: Potential fix for lost window issue

#2290: Fix dotted filenames being rejected
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

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