Deluge 1.3.4

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News del 07 Marzo 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Deluge 1.3.4
Deluge è un programma P2P di file-sharing rilasciato sotto licenza GNU GPL completamente compatibile con BitTorrent, uno dei più popolari protocolli P2P.



#1921: Free disk space reporting incorrectly in FreeBSD
#1964: Fix unhandled UnpicklingErrors?
#1967: Fix unhandled IndexError? when trying to open a non-json conf file
Fix setting daemon listen interface from command line
#2021: Fix share ratio limit not obeyed for seeded torrents added to sessionAdd optparse custom version to prevent unnecessary loading of libtorrent
#1554: Fix seeding on share ratio failing for partially selected torrents
Add proper process title naming in ps, top etc. (Depends: setproctitle)


#1918: Fix Drag´n´Drop not working in Windows
#1941: Increase maximum Cache Size to 999999 (15GiB)
#1940: File & folder renaming issue when using Add Torrent dialog in Windows
LP#821577: Fix UnpicklingError? when external selection dragged onto Files Tab
#1934: Fix Unicode error in AddTorrent? Dialog
#1957: Fix keyerror when adding columns for non-latin languages
#1969: Fix menu item ´Quit & Shutdown´ still available when not connected to daemon
#1895: Fix Files Tab showing wrong files due to torrent_info race condition
#2010: Move speed text in titlebar to the beginning
#2032: Wait for client to shutdown/disconnect before stopping reactor
Fix compatibility with Python 2.5
Fix collapsed treeview in Create Torrent dialog
Ignore unmaximise event when window isn´t visible
#1976: Fixed text entry with trailing newline characters causing issues for Move Storage


Fix Webui files-tab menu setting wrong priority
Update to ExtJS 3.4.0
#1960: Fix statustab showing total_payload_download for upload as well
Remove uneeded Titlebar to save space
Fix clipped Browse button in WebUI
#1915: Fix being unable to stop the status bar from autohiding
Fix password box focus issue in Firefox
Fix plugin uploads from behind a reverse proxy
#2010: Move speed text in titlebar to the beginning
#1936: Fix Referenced before assignment error in json_api
Changes are now applied when clicking OK in Preferences
Added Download,Uploaded,Down Limit, Up Limit & Seeder/Peeds columns
Add magnet uri support to Add Url
Add keymaps for torrents - Ctrl-A (select all) and Delete
#2037: Fix ´Add Torrents´ torrents list not scrolling
#2038: Fix Chrome 17 disconnecting from webui


#1953: Fix flickering on every update
#1954: Fix ´invalid literal for float´ when setting listen interface
#1945: Fix UnicodeDecodeError? when using non-ascii chars in info


#1961: Add missing ´All´ filter option
#2035: Fix label options dialog in webui
#2036: Fix newly added labels not being sorted in torrent right click menu


#1905: Fix no email sent to second email address
#1898: Fix email notifications not including date/time they were sent


Add plugin page for WebUi?


Commands now run scripts asynchronous to prevent Deluge from hanging


Added watch folder support for ´.magnet´ text file containing single or multiple magnet uris
Fix glade object issue when re-enabling plugin in same session
Fix plugin not showing as enabled in webui
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

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