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News del 19 Febbraio 04 Autore: Canaro
Aggiornamento per questo software con cui dovrebbe essere possibile eseguire backup dei propri DVD nel formato AVI. Caratteristiche:
  • A one click DVD backup program !
  • Auto selection of the video and audio codec/bitrates.
  • Make a standalone DIVX file that you can burn directly to a standard compact disk. DVD Master Backup allows you to create personal backup copies your DVD movies by transforming them into DIVX or VCD format to fit it on a standard 700MB compact disc. The program is simple and easy to use, just select your DVD drive, the output directory and press a button. DVD Master Backup will automatically extract the VOB files and convert everything into DIVX(.avi) or VCD(.mpg) format. You also have the option to change some settings like screen resolution and size before starting the final conversion process. A Divx autorun program will be generated each time you make a new divx. Come si usa: 1. Select your DVD drive letter. 2. Select the title number "When we refer to a title we mean a feature of a DVD. For example, DVD's usually contain the main movienthat is the 1st title (01) then they will have the main trailer, 2nd title (02)... But sometimes the main movie is located elsewhere". 3. Select The DVD TV standard. 4. Select the output directory for the extracted VOB files and the DIVX movie. 5. Choose a name for the DIVX file. 6. Choose the preferred language (must be available on the DVD). 7. Click the "Go" button to create your DVD movie. 8. DVDMB will ask you if you want to preview and crop the movie (optional).
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