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News del 02 Settembre 04 Autore: Blybly
DVD Decrypter
Nuova release di questo semplice ed efficente programma per il ripping dei DVD, volta a risolvere le recenti difficoltà incontrate con particolari authoring. NB: ricordarsi che per funzionare correttamente occorre che sul PC sia installato un player DVD Novità introdotte:
  • Added: Ability to Import / Export PSL (Protected Sectors List) files (Option is located in the 'File' menu). Users can work out the best methods to backup certain 'problem' discs
  • Added: Dialog box to remind users to load the MDS file instead of the ISO file - it's good practice and is vital for nice DL burns
  • Changed: Structure Protection code to find more instances of 'suspect' areas on the disc
  • Changed: Some of the Automatic 'Transfer Length' code. It now checks for additional possible errors in the output from the API call
  • Changed: Previous workaround for Plextor PX-712A authentication problem caused problems for old drives that hang on a 'Rezero' command (Status bar always displayed 'Almost Ready'). The command now only runs on Plextor DVDR drives
  • Fixed: Access violation errors caused by nasty IFO files on some of the newer discs
  • Fixed: 'Browse' was always visible in the 'File' menu
  • Fixed: Potential issue with getting the disc size from the ISO9660 file system (only used in ISO Read mode on DVD+RW discs)
  • Fixed: 'Cracking CSS' dialog box showed very inaccurate progress information
  • Fixed: CSS cracking was repeating itself on files it shouldn't have been
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    Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

    Licenza: Freeware/Donazione

    Dimensioni: 804Kb

    OS: Tutti i Windows

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