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News del 26 Aprile 04 Autore: Canaro
Nuova release di questo semplice ed efficente programma per il ripping dei DVD. NB: ricordarsi che per funzionare correttamente occorre che sul PC sia installato un player DVD novità introdotte:Added: 'RCE Protection Found' dialog box Added: Apply button to the 'Change ISO volume name' dialog box Added: Eject / Reinsert of disc before the verify stage Added: Support of brute force disc key cracking Added: The ability to have the program not ask you if you want to erase / overwrite a disc in ISO Write mode Added: CLI support for '[DISC_LABEL]' in destination path names Added: CLI support for '/SPLIT 1GB' - Only for IFO mode Added: Additional error checking to IFO patching code so that 'invalid' IFO files are easily spotted and pointed out to the user Changed: 'Pack Header Not Found' warnings are now also shown in ISO Read mode so as to warn the user of potential problems Changed: What's displayed in the info panels in ISO Read/Write mode is now not so dependent on what the 'Current Profile' is. It now also works by the discs 'Book Type' Changed: Some of the code behind setting the drives 'Write Parameters' Changed: Some of the disc initialisation code to use single commands to get and display the 'state' of a disc (i.e. Empty, Complete), so that what's displayed in the info panel in ISO modes is what the program uses Fixed: Problem with drives (i.e. AOpen ones) that make use of multiple AGID values as part of Authentication Fixed: Write speed control wasn't correctly being set to its last saved value Fixed: Older Pioneer writers (i.e. Pre 107) weren't burning some CD images properly Fixed: Ejecting the disc after erase, before burn - it shouldn't have been happening Fixed: Problem with invalid characters in filenames (generated from the disc's volume label)
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Freeware/Donazione

Dimensioni: 753Kb

OS: Tutti i Windows

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