DCPlusPlus v.0.4032 beta

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News del 16 Agosto 04 Autore: Alberto
DCPlusPlus v.0.4032 beta
Ancora una nuova release per DC++ (DirectConnect Plus Plus), client open source per il collegamento al sistema di file sharing DirectConnect. La versione è ancora una BETA (unstable), ... per cui l'utenza meno esperta è avvisata. <font color=blue size=1> <b>Changes in version 0.4032 (2004-08-08):<br></b> * Fixed issue with autosearch not getting filelists * Fixed an issue with autosearch by tth not being done * Added folder histore for single file downloads (thanks slowmo) * Fishing locale from os, changes string representations in some places (thanks garg) * Caseless icon optimization (thanks garg) * CTRL-E shortcut for refresh (thanks garg) * Fixed a process termination issue (thanks defr) * DCTC file not available detected (thanks defr) * Fixed bad window size being saved for minimised windows (thanks trem) * Fixed an issue with the ADC parser (thanks trem) * More WTL 7.5 preparations (thanks garg) * Added a switch to ease the life of the UPX compressor (exe compressors suck btw) (thanks garg) * Added irc:// as web link (thanks ullner) * Fixed an issue with the adc parser (thanks sed) * TTH trees no longer require a slot * Added options to open file lists and pm's in background (thanks sed) * Minor number formatting fixes (thanks palm and garg) * Some more linux compile fixes (thanks palm) * Additional translation strings (thanks garg) * Fixed own search results bug (thanks garg) * <64KiB files auto-highest priority (thanks garg) * Fixed search in utf-8 file lists (thanks fleetcommand) * Fixed utf-8 encoding/decoding, chinese and other multi-byte scripts should now work ok (thanks liny) * Removed obsolete Import from NMDC queue (blame cologic) * Added option to disable bolding for hub frames (thanks ullner) * Fixed a small leak in the Search Frame (thanks psf8500) * Added bitzi.com lookup and magnet link copy (thanks garg) * Removed .bz2 lists from "open file list" types (thanks garg) * Fixed a download-to crash (thanks farcry) * Fixed dialog modality in several places (thanks garg) * Fixed some debug assertions (thanks garg) * Queue sorted sensibly (thanks garg) * Added customizable timestamps (thanks ullner) * Added extended dupe logging (thanks xan) * Some code pedantry cleanup done (thanks garg) * Unfinished files now have a slightly different naming scheme (thanks garg) * Added default unfinished folder (thanks garg) * When matching queue, users marked with file not available are readded (thanks farcry) * Added (limited support for) magnet link handling (thanks garg) * Uninstaller now removes the one registry key DC++ creates (thanks garg) * Fixed a few link click bugs (thanks garg) * Added quick connect (thanks tpo) * + and - in the queue change priority (thanks tpo) * Network stat colors are now the same as in the transfer window (thanks tpo) * Fixed a rare automatch crash (thanks farcry) * Allowed sharing of network folders (thanks garg) * Added option to automatically add finished files to share without refresh (thanks farcry) * Fixed a few closing window crashes (thanks farcry) * Fixed a tab moving issue (thanks farcry) * Sources with rollback errors are now automatically removed (thanks garg) * Fixed compile.txt and readme.txt (thanks garg) * Magnet handler included in installer (thanks garg & magnethandler author) * New icon with alpha channels for xp (thanks olle svensson, sorry all other icon submitters who sent it before him, neither aestethic nor personal reasons why yours wasn't chosen =) * Fixed another download to crash (thanks garg) * Stringdefs automatically rebuilt (thanks farcry & garg) * DC++ will only share files that HAVE BEEN HASHED! </font> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/homepage.gif align=absmiddle><a href=https://www.swzone.it/traduzioni target=_blank>Pagina dei Software Tradotti in Italiano</u></a> <font color=red><b> (Ho aggiornato la versione del file traduzione in ITA alla versione 0.4032)</b></font> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 08/08/2004<br></b></font>
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