DCPlusPlus v.0.306

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News del 10 Gennaio 04 Autore: Alberto
DCPlusPlus v.0.306
Ancora una nuova release per DC++ (DirectConnect Plus Plus), client open source per il collegamento al sistema di file sharing DirectConnect, al fine di correggere alcuni bug. <font color=blue size=1> Queste le novità: <ul> <li><b> -- 0.306 2004-01-09 -- </b> <li>Fixed an issue with UNC paths (those starting with "") <li>Changed autosearch so that it only searches if less than 5 sources are online, this should stop galloping filelist downloads as well <li>Upgraded to WTL 7.1, should fix a few UI issues <li>Fixed brightness of compressed transfer progress bars <li>Fixed a crash with badly formatted compressed transfer requests <li>Some work on memory managment, dramatically improving DC++'s behaviour with large queues / shares <li>Auto-match queue is only done on exact match <li>Fixed a bug in the compressor that may have caused compressed uploads not to finish and/or 100% cpu <li>The sound part of partially corrupted queues is now recovered <li>When opening a file list from search results, the file's directory is automatically shown <li>An extra buffer flush is done to ensure that file lists are fully written to disk <li>Readme automatically shown for new users (thanks johnny) <li>Filename is shown on transfer error (no slots etc) (thanks ciber) <li>Ctrl-tab order is now the standard last-seen <li>Added support for user command menu subitems (add a '' to the name) <li>Fixed locale setting bug <li>Added option to automatically add items to queue from ADL search (thanks twink) <li>Fixed share sizes not being updated with the "share hidden" box (thanks theparanoidone) <li>Directories with '$' in the name are no longer shared (they can't be downloaded) <li>Favorite users can now have descriptions <li>Added filesize and filesizeshort to search frame %[...] macros (thanks gadget) <li>Added option not to log filelist transfers <li>Fixed some issues with being / not being op </ul></font> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/homepage.gif align=absmiddle><a href=https://www.swzone.it/traduzioni target=_blank>Pagina dei Software Tradotti in Italiano (<u>aggiornata la traduzione alla versione 0.306 ... al volo!</u></a> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 09/01/2004<br></b></font>
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware GPL

Dimensioni: 2,21 Mb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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