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News del 01 Aprile 03 Autore: Alberto
DCPlusPlus v.0.241
Nuovo aggiornamento per DC++ (DirectConnect Plus Plus), client open source per il collegamento al sistema di file sharing DirectConnect. <font color=blue size=1> Queste le novità: <ul> <li>Made the XML parser a bit more robust against bad XML data (to avoid embarassing situations such as the last one...) <li>Favorite users and hubs are now saved on edit instead of on exit. <li>Added support for "302 file moved" for hublist downloads (thanks sedulus/sandos) <li>Fixed error reporting for hublist download <li>Same server but different port is now properly considered a different hub (thanks sedulus) <li>Last entered parameter for user commands is now remembered (%[line:...]) <li>VC6 projects files brought up-to-date <li>Added a DLL to the installation procedure to make sure we get good debug info under older windows versions (research by todd pederzani) <li>Fixed attempt to access f: I think (it seems that the debug info generator tries to access f: when dc++ crashes, because microsoft compiled their stuff from f:...untested, I don't have any f: =) <li>Update to some confirmation dialog (thanks todd pederzani) <li>Partially changed back to the 0.233 code for uploads (since the new one seems to cause upload performance problems) <li>The queue is now only bolded when an file is finished. <li>Added away indicator in the main status bar (thanks todd pederzani) <li>Added finished uploads frame (thanks todd pederzani) <li>Added finished bold disable option (thanks todd pederzani) <li>Minor adjustments to the sort order <li>Added anti-fragmentation feature. When downloading, it creates a file of the expected target size with unspecified content. If the download fails, the file is truncated to the size DC++ thinks it has downloaded, and resume should work fine. If DC++ crashes, you'll lose the whole downloaded part + any resumed part as well, as there's no way to know how much valid data there is in the file. Disabled by default. <li>Added a few keyboard shortcuts here and there <li>Fixed bug with SFV retrying (files will now properly be retried _once_ beforer a source is discarded) <li>The maximization state of the inner windows is now remebered, default to maximized first time. </ul> </font> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/link.gif align=absmiddle>Per la traduzione italiana vedi la sezione <a href=https://www.swzone.it/traduzioni target=_blank>Software in italiano</a> <font color=red>(DA ME AGGIORNATA AL VOLO ALLA V. DC++ 0.241)</font> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 01/04/2003<br></b></font>
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

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OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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