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News del 12 Marzo 03 Autore: Alberto
DCPlusPlus v.0.24
Nuovo aggiornamento per DC++ (DirectConnect Plus Plus), client open source per il collegamento al sistema di file sharing DirectConnect. <font color=blue size=1> Queste le novità: <ul> <li>The splash screen is now correctly centered (we thank Vladimir Marko for this important patch =) <li>Added ADLSearch, a new search filter for browsing files, submitted/made by Henrik Engström. <li>Local ip handling improved, so that a per-hub ip is used if nothing is entered in the active field (good for people who connect to local hubs or through different network cards) <li>You can now use $ and | in the chat. DC++ uses the HTML standard $ and | to replace them...some people might not like this because it's different than the escape sequence used in the lock, but I prefer a standard way of escaping that's not limited to numbers below 999...later on, perhaps I'll add full &-escaping support so that people will be able to send all kinds of strange characters. The same escpace sequences are used in the description and email. <li>Incoming connections are now handled in a completely different, more effective way (one thread less...). This could perhaps help with the multicpu/hyperthreading issue, but I doubt it... <li>Fixed a crash-at-exit in the debug build <li>Fixed a bug causing missing search results (thanks opera) <li>Another go at the case insensitive string comp bug (tried with a queue file that was reported not to work so...) <li>Added custom per-hub user description to favorite hubs (thanks todd pederzani) <li>Some code cleanup and minor fixes <li>Updated H: tag. It now looks like H:x/y/z where x, y, and z are normal, registered and op hubs respectively. It is updated roughly once a minute, but if you're disconnected, the count won't go down until the window is closed (i e hubs you're trying to reconnect to count as well, to avoid too many updates being sent to the hub). Also, note that there's a problem with the op count. All op's will first be counted as registered users, and then, when they're fully logged in the count will be updated. This is a protocol limitation and there's not much todo about it (although, most of the time you souldn't notice, if the hub sends the op list fast enough...). This release also fixes a bug where the count was not correctly updated across all hubs. <li>To avoid confusion when receiving text pasted from the chat, "- " is inserted whenever a line starts with '<' or '[' in the main and private chat (so that it won't look like somebody else is writing a message) <li>I think you can now use %-shortcuts in the nick when specifying user commands (%[line:] does not work tho...) <li>Doubled interval between autosearches (2 minutes now, and 60 between each research of the same file), this to ease the bandwidth load on busy hubs <li>Favorites, users and user commands are now saved to a separate file. The old ones will still be loaded for a few versions... <li>Added info about current directory/selection to the file listing browser </ul> </font> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/link.gif align=absmiddle>Per la traduzione italiana vedi la sezione <a href=https://www.swzone.it/traduzioni target=_blank>Software in italiano</a> <font color=red>(aggiornata a questa versione)</font> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 11/03/2003<br></b></font> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/link.gif align=absmiddle>Segnalo che ieri si è verificato un problema su questa e anche vecchie versioni di DC++ (vedi sezione File Sharing), problema che oggi sembra risolto.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 1,65 Mb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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