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News del 06 Gennaio 03 Autore: Alberto
Nuovo aggiornamento per DC++ (DirectConnect Plus Plus), client open source per il collegamento al sistema di file sharing DirectConnect.Queste le novità:
  • Added nice installer. It's big because it comes with the debug info, if you just want a zip as in the old versions, you can find it on http://sf.net/projects/dcplusplus.
  • Fixed a bug with files being added to the queue without target directory. This caused quite a lot of strange behaviour ranging from hang at startup to empty queues and crashing deletes. Hopefully, I fixed it proper, but rereport the bugs if you still have problems... *WARNING - WARNING - WARNING* if you upgrade to 0.22, all old queue items that are missing a directory in the target file-name will be removed. Don't upgrade if your queue is precious to you, and you didn't have anything in the default download directory box in the settings (finish it with version 0.181 or edit your queue.xml file and add a directory to all targets without...). (thanks fusbar for finding it)
  • Added so that only files with the same extension are visible in the download to menus (this was actually done in 0.21 but I forgot to write it down...=)
  • Fixed a bug where dc++ would stop listening to incoming connections, causing connection timeouts in active mode
  • Right-click menu now works for all nicks (even outside < and >)
  • Fixed width of some status bars when font size differs from mine (I think...why would anyone want to change anyway? =)
  • Fixed height of edit controls when font size differs from mine
  • Added the hub the user was last connected to to the finished downloads.
  • Added hub to the logging (see readme for available parameters)
  • Fixed a bug in speed calculation in the finished downloads frame (for resumed downloads)
  • Last known hub is now shown in pm window when user goes offline
  • Progress bars can now be disabled in the advanced settings
  • Added user-customizable right-click menu commands to the hub windows (to send commands to hub bots)
  • Advanced settings dialog remade a bit
  • Fixed missing default setting for default download directory, making a lot of queue items miss a target directory =)
  • Fixed case sensitivity in search right-click menu
  • Fixed crash when opening file lists
  • Added on-the-fly SFV checking, enable it in the advanced settings. Failed files are removed and requeued.
  • Added sfv parameter to the logging (for full list, see readme.txt) and finished files frame Fixed startup crash when settings file was incorrectly saved (unfortunately, this makes you lose your settings tho)
  • Fixed vc6 project file (zlib wasn't in the dependencies...come on guys, this much you should be able to figure out)
  • If you're translating and find any untranslated string or have problems because something can't be done in your language (strange plurals?), add it to the bug report...(settings excluded)
Data: 05/01/2003
Traduzione: al momento non presente per questa versione
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 1789 Kb (Installer) 333 KB (file zip)

OS: Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP

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