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News del 18 Ottobre 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
CoverSetup, un potente e flessibile software per la creazione delle copertine.Features
  • AutoUpdate
  • Drag&Drop, which makes it possible for you to drag images from other programs - ex. your browser - directly into CoverSetup. And the image-file is copied as well, so that the image can be reused later on as well!
  • Make a short-cut to CoverSetup on your desktop, by a single click inside CoverSetup.
  • When you select a FrontCover, CoverSetup 2000 automatically detects and selects the most likely BackCover - and Label!
  • Find your Cover using the SearchCommand!
  • Define your own preferred FileName-Filters!
  • Define your own Image Dimensions! (added to a selectable list)
  • Choose your own preferred default StartUp-Folders for Front and BackCovers individually!
  • Synchronize Folder-Lists to make them follow each other – and Front- and BackCover-Lists will run hand-in-hand to the samefolder!
  • Select as many Covers (Front- and/or Back’s) as you want – and print them in just ONE session!
  • Available Outputs: Printer or MS Word (ver. 97 or 2000)
  • Print-out quality is defined within CoverSetup – Windows independantly!
  • Printer-selection is made within CoverSetup as well – also Windows independantly!
  • If you want, you can have CoverSetup print cutting-edges around the images.
  • See the print-out deformation-rate at cursor when located on images!
  • Automatic save of startup-folders at unload of CoverSetup
  • Feature for detecting whether the FrontCover is a double-frontcover-image, i.e. front+inside image in-one
  • Renaming of image-file-names directly in file-lists (right-click...)
  • Crop of images (or any other editing of images you prefer) - in your preferred image-editor. Click here to read more about this new feature...
  • You can zoom in on the images in CoverSetup!.
  • Now you can print your labels in CoverSetup as well!.
  • And you can print a text-label on top of your FrontCover if you wish!.
  • You can have CoverSetup run a DIAS-SHOW!.
  • Open and Save project-files with sets of coherent images, for more easilyrunning dias-show's and/or printing later on!
  • The images shown on screen are "True", i.e. "What-you-see-is-what-you-get"
  • Select the colours you prefer for backgrounds and text's in most of CoverSetup's lists!
  • Print a text-label on top of your FrontCovers if you wish!.
  • Scalable Screen-design (Pixels: 1024*768 or 800*600)
  • Supported languages: English and Danish Licenza DemoVersione demo con limitazioni
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