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News del 05 Agosto 03 Autore: Giancarlof
Contact Expert 1.73
Contact Expert 1.73 è un programma interessante che ci permette di sostituire definitivamente la vecchia rubrica cartacea con le linguette con una versione molto più comoda digitale, oppure, se l'avete già fatto di sostituirla con questa utility. La sua particolare struttura permette di associare ad ogni nominativo una lista di files, dai quali possono essere lanciate applicazioni, aperti documenti ed avviate connessioni internet. Nella sezione Attach, questo è il nome della sezione dedicata a questo tipo di informazioni, il file viene selezionato con un explorer che ci guida nelle risorse di sistema, per l'avvio basta un semplice click. Le altre sezioni permettono di memorizzare tutte le informazioni personali, comporre un numero telefonico oppure spedire delle emails ai vostri contatti. Ha la possibilità di tracciare una mappa di tutte le nostre attività sia che siano telefonate, emails, visite etc. Stampa rapporti, etichette, buste e li salva come HTML, Ms Word, MS Excell o WMF file. caratteristiche:
  • Share your contacts over a LAN Contact Expert allows sharing of its database over a Local Are Network (LAN) without problems. Just put the database on a shared drive and other users on the network will be able to access and edit the database at the same time with you. Purchase as many copies of the program as you need and buy additional ones as your company grows.
  • Smart categorization of contacts Some of your clients or golf club mates are your personal friends as well. Did you have problems deciding under what category it's better to save their details - Friends or Clients or Golf mates?
  • Contact Expert solves that problem and lets you include a contact to as many categories as it is required. The contact will be listed in any of those categories. It will save your time when looking for a contact!
  • Multiple addresses per contact Does your partner have 15 offices around the world? Not a problem! Contact Expert will let you create as many addresses per contact as it is required. "As many" means truly unlimited.
  • Multiple phones/emails per contact Do you contact 7 different people in a client's company? Why add 7 people to your database just to store a telephone entry only? Contact Expert will let you create as many phones/emails per contact as it is required. Under a company name create 7 different phones/emails and rename each of those as "Mr Smith", "Mike", "24/7 Support line" or whatever you prefer.
  • View maps online Contact Expert lets you view maps online to see driving directions. One single mouse click and you can see where does your client resides and how to drive there.
  • Keep a log Contact Expert allows to save all contact-related activities such as phone calls, faxes, visits, etc. You would never forget when did you call your client last time and what response did you get.
  • Send mass emails You can easily send mass emails to all/some of your contacts. It's the best way to Send a "Happy New Year" message to all your friends or a new product notification to all your customers.
  • Much more... Contact Expert has lots of other unique and helpful features to simplify your contact management needs.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Trial ( 30 giorni)

Dimensioni: Mb 1.52

OS: 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 Server

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