ConTEXT v0.97.2

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News del 15 Agosto 02 Autore: Alberto
ConTEXT v0.97.2
ConTEXT è un piccolo, ma potente text editor, il cui scopo principale è quello di essere una aiuto ai programmatori di software. Infatti molti sono i linguaggi che riesce a gestire. Queste le funzionalità:- unlimited open files - unlimited editing file size, 4kB line length powerful syntax highlighting for many languages (C/C++,Delphi/Pascal,Java,JavaScript,VisualBasic,HTML , ecc) - powerful custom defined syntax highlighter - multilanguage support (fra le quali ITALIANO) - project workspaces support - unicode UTF8 support - code templates - customizable help files for each file type - file explorer with favorites list - export to HTML/RTF - conversion DOS->UNIX->Macintosh file formats - editing position remembering across files - macro recorder - commenting/uncommenting code - text sort - normal and columnar text selection - bookmarks - find and replace text in all open files - C/Java-style block auto indent/outdent - customizable color printing with print preview - exporting configuration stored in registry - customizable syntax highlighting colors,cursor shapes, right margin, gutter, line spacing... user definable execution keys, depending on file type - capturing console applications standard output - compiler output parser for positioning on error line - powerful command line handler - install and uninstall - minimize to system tray - it's FREE! Queste le novità della nuova versione e i bug corretti:New features - "Tab Indent" option. - InnoSetup Script highlighter. - Translation to Catalan. Changed features - Tab/Shift+Tab indents/unindents selected block again. - Directory selection combobox changed to toolbar button. - Backspace doesn't erases all spaces and tabs at the end of the line anymore. Bug fixes - Multiline string highlighting in custom highlighters. - Various indent/outdent issues. - "Trim Trailing Spaces" setting wasn't saved to registry. - When clicking with mouse past the end of line, the cursor remains there, instead of going to the last char of the line if not "Allow cursor after end of line" checked. - ConExec problems with batch files. - "MatchedBracesCol" color attribute wasn't saved in custom highlighter file. - Line selection when clicking between gutter and first character. - The enhanced home-key positioning wasn't work with hard tabs. - Garbage at the end of the line when custom highlighter active and EscapeChar at the end of the line. - Moving items up or down in project files or favorites panel doesn't scroll when reaching the top/bottom. - When project is created, Project panel isn't visible until it is reopen. - Better backspace logic. - Editing file was deleted if opened in other program which locks file for reading. - ConTEXT command excluded from Explorer shell menu which solves problem with MS Office 2000 application toolbar. (Send to -> ConTEXT command still exists). - When ConTEXT is minimized, file is modified by other application and - ConTEXT gains focus, only file reload dialog appears without restoring ConTEXT. - Windows XP compatibility issues Versione: 0.97.2 Data: 14/08/2002 Dimensione: 1,03 Mb Licenza: Freeware (con donazione facoltativa) Compatibilità: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
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