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News del 02 Dicembre 02 Autore: Luke
Disponibile per il download una nuova versione di CloneCD. Questo il changelog della versione
  • Added Emulation of weak sectors
  • Added Emulation of Digital Signatures in Subchannel Data
  • With weak sector emulation and Digital Signature emulation you don't need to care about the capabilities of your reader or writer!
  • Copy protections with weak sectors can be copied with any writer!
  • Copy protections using subchannel data can be copied with any reader! There is no need for reading subchannel data anymore!
  • Added display of weak sectors in Logbook
  • Added "Protected PC Game" Emulation profile
  • Majorly improved Hide CDR Media
  • Added Emulation of weak sectors to Hide CDR Media
  • Added Emulation of digital signature in subchannel data to Hide CDR Media
  • Pop-up help no longer uses HTML Help, because it seems to be broken in Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3
  • Internet Explorer no longer needs to be installed for Pop-up help to work
  • Removed "TOC Adjustment" Dialog which only confused users of TwinPeaks. CloneCD will now decide what to do automatically
  • Added support for foreign codepages in Virtual CloneDrive settings in CloneCDTray
  • Changed Virtual CloneDrive to cause less conflicts with broken SCSI Adapter drivers
  • Fixed bug in Virtual CloneDrive which caused a conflict with Intel Application Acceleration Drivers (or other 3rd party drivers)
  • Reduced Memory fragmentation in Virtual CloneDrive (Windows NT/2000/XP)
  • Reduced Memory and CPU use in ElbyCDIO (Windows 2000/XP)
  • Hopefully solved possible hang after operation on Windows 9X/ME
  • Changed Audio profile to not read subchannel data anymore. This speeds up reading with many drives and might give better results
  • Updated language files: Russian, Catalan, Czech, Greek, French, Macedonian, Norge, Polish, Turkish and others
  • Added ElbyCDIO Control program to set ElbyCDIO default behaviour Download CloneCd - 3249KbFonte Cdfreaks
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