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News del 20 Agosto 04 Autore: RostoR
Programma che rappresenta una versione economica di Disk Cleaning,in pratica si tratta di un "System Optimizer" come viene definita questa tipologia di programmi. Rimuove tutta la spazzatura rimasta sul nostro disco e non voluta, pulendo anche il registro:HS CleanDisk Eco is a fast-working windows system optimizer which cleans hard-disk and system registry, optimizes memory and uninstalls software no longer wanted. The program effectively removes all of the garbage data on the computer. It cleans hard disk as well as the Windows Registry. The program also keeps track system`s memory, auto-runs at start-up to survey the system, and it automatically detects low memory, refreshes memory space and can uninstall software you no longer want. HS CleanDisk Eco optimizes your system in just a couple of minutes, far less than you would spend removing files manually. The program is safe to use , though there is a restore option for recovering any disk or Registry item you may have deleted. HS CleanDisk Eco specifically targets fixed drives on the computer. The program offers four clean types: Files, Registry, Memory and Software , simply select a type and it`ll scan the system for extraneous data. For files and Registry items, you can review the list of results and afterwards delete them. The Software type lists all installed software on your system, enabling you to eliminate them one by one without clicking to Windows Add/Remove applet. If the system cannot uninstall the software, it removes invalid entries from the registry. Additionally, the program can quickly delete Internet files including History contents, cookies and temp items. It will also optionally clear the Recent Files list. HS CleanDisk Eco offers a reporting feature that indicates the results before and after using the program. It offers built-in support for the English, Turkish , German, French, Catalan, Slovak, Romanian, Dutch languages.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware $ 19.00

Dimensioni: Kb 850

OS: Win All

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