ClamAV For Windows v0.87-1

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News del 19 Settembre 05 Autore: Vlad
ClamAV For Windows v0.87-1
ClamAV è un antivirus Open Source, quindi a differenza di altri non richiede nessun pagamento. Ha anche una linea di comando per lo scanning dei files.ClamAV is an open source antivirus solution for UNIX/linux operating systems. It features a command line interface for scanning files, updating the virus definitions, and a daemon for faster scanning needed on high performance systems. Unlike most antivirus products, ClamAV requires no yearly subscription fee, and is completely free with source code to anyone who wishes to use it. Because ClamAV is released under the GPL v2 license, you must follow all license requirements if you modify the ClamAV source code, or use it in your own projects.Features:
  • Scanning Scheduler
  • Automatic Virus Database Updates. ClamAV team updates Virus Databases on a regular basis and almost immediately after a new virus/variant is out
  • Standalone Virus Scanner
  • Context Menu Integration to Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • Addin to Microsoft OutlookRelease note
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    Categoria: Sicurezza

    Licenza: Open Source Donazione

    Dimensioni: 5,33 MB

    OS: Windows

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