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News del 23 Agosto 02 Autore: Canaro
Tutta da ridere! pare che il nuovo chipset VIA KT400 non supporti le memorie DDR400: sarà sempre la solita storia!? e cioè che bisogna aspettare la release A dei nuovi chipset perché tutto funzioni bene.Although VIA has not declared DDR400 support in the specifications of its KT400 core-logic, we remember that several mainboard manufacturers stated in their announcements that their products can work with such kind of memory. Although the announcements were officials and the companies has not notified us about changing the specs of their products, it is quite strange to see these devices. According to our sources, VIA KT400 can support DDR400, but only with two banks, as a result, mainboards with DDR400 support enabled, cannot function with more than two DDR400 modules. Furthermore, as I have read over here, the problem may be even worse and these devices are even not able to work with more than one DDR SDRAM DIMM module running at 400MHz. The reason of such strange KT400 behaviour is a bug in the VT8368 north-bridge that VIA has not yet managed to rectify. I think that the claim above is one of the reasons why the Taiwan-based chipset-maker has decided not to officially support this type of memory in their latest Socket A core-logic. We have not yet performed our usual testing procedures with VIA KT400 board, but our testing of VIA P4X400 based device has shown us that the system stability was below critics and also performance appeared to be quite low when using either one or two DDR400 modules. Taking everything into consideration, I want to warn our readers about the VIA KT400 mainboards that support DDR400. The statements from manufacturers are definitely reliable, but when buying such product, you should be fully aware that you may not be able to install more than 512MB of DDR400 memory on it, what is even more important, the system may be unstable. font>
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