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News del 16 Ottobre 04 Autore: Antares
CheckP3 5.1
Disponibile la versione 5.1 di questo completo programma di controllo della posta in background dalla systray, un email checker (con possibilità di invio di e-mail) dalle molte caratteristiche tra cui il supporto ad Hotmail e Lycos.
  • Active tray icon and right-click menu support.
  • English and Italian (easy translation kit option available).
  • Password to access CheckP3..
  • Can syncronize the PC clock with an atomic clock server.
  • 'Busy Mode' option starts the screen-saver and can lock the PC.
  • A debug window to view all communication between CheckP3 and the server.
  • An activity window to monitor CheckP3 functions.
  • Send e-mail directly from CheckP3 (with CC, BCC, and file attachments).
  • Firewall support via SOCKS v4, v4a, v5 with authentication
  • Notification types include: A popup window, with a brief description of the event and optionally a long beep. A short beep. A tip window, in the bottom right corner like MS Messenger. Microsoft Agent speech. Play a sound file. Run a specific program.
  • Supports POP3, IMAP4, HOTMAIL and Lycos (Via HttpMail like MS Outlook)
  • Secure authentication APOP (rfc1939) is supported.
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is supported.
  • Preview N lines of the message.
  • Use AntiSpam and WhiteList filters with various actions
  • NEWS SERVERChangelog
  • Solved a problem with Hotmail, that change something in their server, so checkp3 5.0 and earlier don't work.
  • Added the "New icon event" from version 4.0, that i forgot. (Some persons request this features).
  • Now you can start checkp3 with a parameter like "checkp3.exe %HOME%test.ini" (environment added).
  • Better test Lycos, seems to work well.
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    Categoria: P2P e Web

    Licenza: Freeware

    Dimensioni: 1.14MB

    OS: Win All

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