Central Brain Identifier 7.00

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News del 01 Luglio 04 Autore: Cānaro
Central Brain Identifier 7.00
Central Brain Identifier č un utility che fornisce molte informazioni sulla vostra cpu, specifica per AMD.Version 7.00 /June 9, 2004/ Significatly updated the AMD64 processor identifiaction database. Used a new system driver fully compatible with the AMD64 processors. Added a new P-Rating calculation for the different AMD64 processor cores. Realized the HALT and STPGNT Disconnect separate control via supported chipsets. Ability to estimate the thermal power dissipation of the AMD Athlon XP processors. Added the ability to disable and enable FID/VID changes of the Cool’n Quiet technology. Added the tab for detailed displaying of the specific information about the AMD64 CPUs. Added identification of the Halt and Stop Grant disconnect divisors for the AMD64 CPUs. Advanced navigation between the tabs, added hints for the Voltage/Temperature fields. Version 6.10 /March 23, 2004/ Added a lot of optimizations for the mobile AMD processors. Added CPU/NB temperature control via supported Winbond I/O chips. Added watching for changes of the internal clock divisors on the Mobility tab. The data refreshing time interval is now adjustable through the configuration file. The CPU identification database has been updated with the latest AMD64 processors. Added sensor selection via config. file for the appropriate VCore/VDD determination. Realized VCore and Clock Ratio change function for mobile Athlon XP and Duron CPUs. Fixed a bug in OPN/Announce Date determination for the Palomino core based CPUs. Version 6.0 /January 20, 2004/ Realized the full recognition of the mobile Athlon 64 processors. Added identification of the Newcastle core of AMD64 processors. The Mobility tab is also designated for the mobile Athlon 64 processors. VCore determination for the mobile K6-2+/III+ processors has been added. The OPN database has been enhanced with new OPNs for the Opteron processor. Added recognition of the low-voltage and standard version of the K6-2+/III+. The core voltage determination via I/O chip has been added for desktop CPUs. Significant corrections in the recognition of AMD64 processors using BrandID. Added identification of the new Athlon64-M 2800+/3000+/3200+/3400+ processors. Replaced duplicated power management features with new ones on the Mobility tab. Version 5.10 /December 4, 2003/ Dynamic data updating on the "Mobility" tab has been added. Realized determination of the modified Thorton processor core. Fixed a serious bug in data refreshing by pressing F5 key. Improved an OPN-number determinative method for mobile Athlon XP processors. Added determination of the cacheable memory size for Athlon and Duron processors. XP-Rating calculation for Duron CPU with 133MHz FSB and higher has been added. The Opteron CPU ID-database has been enhanced with Models of 148, 248, 848, 250. Determination of the default PM Divisors for mobile T-bred CPUs has been corrected. Version 5.0 /November 5, 2003/ Added ability to make sceenshots and data refreshing. Added XP-Rating calucation for the "desktop" Barton core with 133MHz bus. Added determination of the Revision Numbers for the AMD K6-2+/K6-III+ processors. Added identification of the L2 Cache Card for the AMD K7/K75 processors. Added determination of Internal Clock Divisors of the power managment states. Used a new identification method for all mobile AMD Athlon processor Series. Significant modifications in the CPU Name building for eighth-generation processors. All tweaks are applicable to the AMD Duron processor with the Applebred core. A diagnostic of mobile Athlon processors was enhanced with a new "Mobility" tab. Realized determination of modified Duron processors based on the Applebred core.Segnalato da JinKazama
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