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News del 11 Marzo 02 Autore: fabionapoli
Rilasciata la versione Beta per questo potente programma cattura-schermo.

    New Features
  • Stickies, screenshots, and the camera can now Stay-On-Top of other applications.
  • Captures can now include the mouse pointer icon.
  • Captures can be magnified.
  • Fast new methods for capturing areas. You can click, drag, or press the arrow keys interchangeably.
    - classic rubber band capture
    - one-click window area capture
    - two corner area capture
    - four side area capture
  • Macros pair any input & output function into a single step.
    Pick a "trigger":
    - PrintScreen key
    - Alt-PrintScreen key
    - System-wide "hotkey" of your choice
    - Macro button or menu item
    Choose an "input":
    - full screen
    - active application
    - application in viewfinder
    - viewfinder area
    - classic rubber band capture
    - one-click rectangular area select
    - two corner area capture
    - four side area capture
    Choose an "output":
    - print
    - print, expanding image to fit page
    - save
    - copy
    - sticky note
    - screenshot

Pagina di riferimento

CaptureWizPro Beta - immagine 4ownload 0.923 MB

Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000

Licenza Demo

Autore Pixelmetrics

Data dell'aggiornamento 10/03/2002

Tnx EymerichCaptureWizPro Beta - immagine 10
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