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News del 21 Ottobre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Calibre 2.6.0
Calibre è un´applicazione gratuita ed Open Source per gestire la vostra biblioteca digitale di eBooks. La vostra libreria potrà essere ordinata per titolo, autore, data di pubblicazione o di aggiunta al catalogo, voto, tag da voi aggiunti, etc.

Si occupa anche di convertire i vostri eBook in molti formati.

Una lista completa di quelli supportati è disponibile =>QUI<=

Disponibile anche in versione Portabile.


New Features

Catalogs: CSV Output: Allow changing the order of fields in the generated CSV catalog by using drag and drop to re-arrange the fields in the create catalog dialog.
Closes tickets: 1379048

Edit metadata dialog: When editing metadata individually for multiple books, popup a confirmation if the user clicks OK before finishing the editing of all the books.
Closes tickets: 1378072

Allow configuring a keyboard shortcut to toggle highlighting of search results via Preferences->Keyboard (under Miscellaneous).
Closes tickets: 1380528

Edit Book: Saved searches window: Remember the last used values for where to search and search direction
E-book viewer: Allow right clicking on the toolbar buttons to popup the optional menus, useful when using the viewer on a touch screen.
Closes tickets: 1380359

E-book viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut to toggle the Table of Contents [Ctrl+T]
Performance improvement when renaming/deleting large numbers of items via the Manage Tags/Series/Publishers/etc dialogs
Kobo driver: Update to support soon to be released firmware update from Kobo
Bug Fixes

Amazon metadata download: Update the amazon metadata download plugin to handle changes to the website.
Closes tickets: 1379305

AZW3 Output: Ignore invalid attribute names in the input document rather than aborting the conversion on them.
Book details panel: Fix custom columns built from other columns with tag like values not clickable in the book details panel.
Closes tickets: 1381323

Edit Book: Fix changing the editor undo/redo keyboard shortcuts not preventing the old shortcuts from working.
CSV Catalogs: Output all custom datetime columns in the local timezone to match the format for builtin columns
E-book viewer: When looking up words in the dictionary for a book that has no language set, use the current calibre interface language
Fix comments editor widget in the edit metadata dialog swallowing Tab key presses, preventing the use of the keyboard to move between widgets. You can use Ctrl+Tab to insert literal tabs
OS X: Workaround for regression in Qt 5 that causes pressing the Esc key to close the entire window instead of the current completion popup
Fix Advanced search dialog not being sized correctly if the user selects a larger than normal interface font.
Closes tickets: 1378045

E-book viewer: Fix page turning by clicking in the margins in full screen mode (when displaying more than one page per screen) not working because of a Qt 5 behavior change.

Improved news sources

Wall Street Journal
Smithsonian Magazine
Sueddeutsche Zeitung mobil
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