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News del 19 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Calibre 1.7.0
Calibre è un´applicazione gratuita ed Open Source per gestire la vostra biblioteca digitale di eBooks. La vostra libreria potrà essere ordinata per titolo, autore, data di pubblicazione o di aggiunta al catalogo, voto, tag da voi aggiunti, etc.

Si occupa anche di convertire i vostri eBook in molti formati.

Una lista completa di quelli supportati è disponibile =>QUI<=

Disponibile anche in versione Portabile.


New Features

Cover grid: Allow using images as the background for the cover grid. To choose an image, go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Grid.
Closes tickets: 1239194

An option to mark newly added books with a temporary mark. Option is in Preferences->Adding books.
Closes tickets: 1238609

Edit metadata dialog: Allow turning off the cover size displayed in the bottom right corner of the cover by right clicking the cover and choosing ´Hide cover size´. It can be restored the same way.

Bug Fixes

Conversion: If both embed font family and the filter css option to remove fonts are set, do not remove the font specified by the embed font family option.
Fix a few remaining situations that could cause formats column to show an error message about SHLock
Make deleting books to recycle bin more robust. Ensure that the temporary directory created during the move to recycle bin process is not left behind in case of errors.
Windows: Check if the books´ files are in use before deleting
Fix custom device driver swap main and card option not working. Also fix swapping not happening for a few devices on linux
Closes tickets: 1240504

Edit metadata dialog: The Edit metadata dialog currently limits its max size based on the geometry of the smallest attached screen. Change that to use the geometry of the screen on which it will be shown.
Closes tickets: 1239597

HTMLZ Output: Fix <style> tag placed inside <body> instead of <head>.
Closes tickets: 1239530

HTMLZ Output: Fix inline styles not escaping quotes properly.
Closes tickets: 1239527

HTMLZ Output: Fix incorrect handling of some self closing tags like <br>.
Closes tickets: 1239555

Content server: Fix single item categories not working with reverse proxy setup.
Closes tickets: 1238987

Fix a bug that could cause calibre to crash when switching from a large library to a smaller library with marked books.
Closes tickets: 1239210

Get Books: Fix downloading of some books in formats that do not have metadata yielding nonsense titlesAllow marked book button to be added to main toolbar when device is connected
Closes tickets: 1239163

Fix error if a marked book is deleted/merged.
Closes tickets: 1239161

Template language: Fix formatter function days_between to compute the right value when the answer is negative.Windows: Fix spurious file in use by other process error if the book´s folder contained multiple hard links pointing to the same file
Closes tickets: 1240788, 1240194

Windows: Fix duplicate files being created in very special circumstances when changing title and/or author. (the title or author had to be between 31 and 35 characters long and the book entry had to have been created by a pre 1.x version of calibre). You can check if your library has any such duplicates and remove them, by using the Check Library tool (Right click the calibre button on the toolbar and select Library Maintenance->Check Library).

Improved news sources

Wall Street Journal
Newsweek Polska
Wired Magazine
Television Without Pity
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