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News del 13 Luglio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Calibre 0.9.39
Calibre è un´applicazione gratuita ed Open Source per gestire la vostra biblioteca digitale di eBooks. La vostra libreria potrà essere ordinata per titolo, autore, data di pubblicazione o di aggiunta al catalogo, voto, tag da voi aggiunti, etc.

Si occupa anche di convertire i vostri eBook in molti formati.

Una lista completa di quelli supportati è disponibile =>QUI<=

Disponibile anche in versione Portabile.


New Features

Bulk metadata edit: Add a checkbox to prevent the refreshing of the book list after the bulk edit. This means that the book list will not be resorted and any existing search/virtual library will not be refreshed. Useful if you have a large library as the refresh can be slow.

Allow manually marking a book in the calibre library as being on the device. To do so click the device icon in calibre, then right click on the book you want marked and choose ´Match book to library´. Once you are done marking all the books, right click the device icon and choose ´Update cached metadata´Driver for Coby Kyros MID1126
Closes tickets: 1199410

When adding formats to an existing book, by right clicking the add books button, ask for confirmation if some formats will be overwritten.Add a tweak to restrict the list of output formats available in the conversion dialog. Go to Preferences->Tweaks to change it.

Bug Fixes

Amazon metadata download: Update plugin to deal with the new websiteEdelweiss metadata download plugin: Workaround for advanced search being broken at the Edelweiss website.Invalid data in the device database on sony readers could cause errors when sorting device collections, ignore those errors.
DOCX Input: Fix no page break being inserted before the last section.
Closes tickets: 1198414

Metadata download dialog: Have the OK button enabled in the results screen as well.
Closes tickets: 1198288

Get Books: Update empik store plugin

New news sources

Glenn Brenwald and Ludwig von Mises Institute by anywho

Improved news sources

Houston Chronicle
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