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News del 05 Ottobre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Calibre 0.9.1
Calibre è un´applicazione gratuita ed Open Source per gestire la vostra biblioteca digitale di eBooks. La vostra libreria potrà essere ordinata per titolo, autore, data di pubblicazione o di aggiunta al catalogo, voto, tag da voi aggiunti, etc.

Si occupa anche di convertire i vostri eBook in molti formati.

Una lista completa di quelli supportati è disponibile =>QUI<=

Disponibile anche in versione Portabile.


New Features

New driver for the Kobo Touch version 2.0+ firmware and Kobo Glo and Mini. See  for details
Closes tickets: 1024983 , 1059585

Driver for Motorola Defy XT
Closes tickets: 1061903

Wireless driver: Always use automatic metadata management, regardless of the setting in Preferences->Devices
Sending books by email: Allow sending to multiple email addresses at once separated by commas.
Closes tickets: 1052332

KF8 Output: Add the css passed in through the extra css conversion option to the generated inline ToC.
Closes tickets: 1052343

Windows: No longer use fontconfig to scan the system for available fonts. Instead use the Windows API. Should fix
crashes/instability caused by fonts that fontconfig cannot handle
When editing a blank (undefined) published date in the edit metadata dialog, have the calendar popup jump to the current date instead of the date 1-1-101
Closes tickets: 1058531

FB2 Input: Add support for th, code and strikethrough tags and also rowspan, colspan and align attributes.
Closes tickets: 1059351 , 1058591

Bug Fixes

Get Books: Update Woblink
Position the next selected book better after deleting multiple books from the library view
Closes tickets: 1051135

Allow using the Enter key to select the cover in the metadata download dialog
Closes tickets: 1060472

PDF Output: Handle embedded fonts better on linux
HTML Input: Guess mimetype correctly for references to image files without file extensions.
Closes tickets: 1059349

Catalog generation: Workaround for bug in the ICU library on older OS X systems that caused catalog generation to fail when certain non-ascii characters are present in the metadata.
Closes tickets: 1057862

Wireless driver: Do not abort if BonJour registration fails, as we can still use broadcast to connect
KF8 Output: Fix invalid output being generated for some files with very large blocks of contiguous non-ascii text

New news sources

IOL News and The New Age by Darko Miletic

Improved news sources

FC Knudde
Foreign Policy
Washington Post
Twitch Films
Nature News
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OS: Windows, OS X, Linux

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