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News del 24 Agosto 08 Autore: Gianplugged

  • Added Bahasa Melayu translation

  • Added eject option for burning audio discs

  • Localised installer

  • Command line version accepts drive letters as well

  • Removed ISO creating dialog (too complex appearance and not necessary)

  • Corrected error handling for copying data discs a bit

  • Fixed "remove" context menu item being disabled when multiple files are selected

  • Hopefully fixed a rare EntryPointNotFoundException on Vista

  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException in the disc info dialog

  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when converting BIN to ISO

  • Small file sizes were not displayed

  • Disc-at-once burning is changed to track-at-once when burning a second audio disc

  • Fixed (or rather, added a workaround) for VBR MP3 files

  • Fixed burning OGG Vorbis files

  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException when trying to show invalid Win32 file dates (.NET bug)

  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException in the audio player

  • Fixed IOExceptions caused by insufficient disk space
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