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News del 04 Novembre 03 Autore: Giancarlof
Bopup Messenger
Bopup Messenger è un instant messenger che ci permette di comunicare con gli altri utilizzatori connessi alla lan ed è simile a WinPopup e Net Send. Semplice ma ottimo messenger alternativo a WinPopup, ha funzioni di buddy-list, ignore, lan scan, e logging delle conversazioni. Queste le caratteristiche principali: <ul><li>Full compatibility with standard messengers like WinPopup, net send <li>Extended messages support (URL, Internet, network addresses and emotions) <li>Scanning users and computers in all domains/workgroups on a local network <li>Multilingual interface. Includes more than 10 languages <li>View account information on computer, user or received message <li>Quick, direct access list to the users you talk to most <li>Ignore List, which blocks messages from the users added to this list <li>Network Group support for different groups within the same LAN <li>Quick Asnwers <li>Automatic answering system for when you are not at your PC <li>Grouping names to My Groups <li>File Transfer <li>Logging of all messages to Message History <li>Sending messages from command line interface and directly to IP addresses <li>Bopup Communication Server support, including offline and news messaging, user account management</li></ul> Benefits of using Bopup Communication Server: <ul><li>Create and modify your own account information, that is available to other users. <li>View your co-workers and other employees account information, such as full user name, title, department, contact details and additional notes. <li>Receive Network Groups list from server, assigned to you by system adminstrator or manager. <li>Send messages even if recipient is not currently available on a local network. And also receive all messages sent to you when you was offline. <li>Receive news messages from server which can notify about any events, such as project discussion, meeting, lunch and etc.</li></ul> <font color=blue>Versione rilasciata il 24 Ottobre 2003</font> <a href= target=_blank>Link al software in italiano</a>
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Trial ( 30 giorni $ 17.90 )

Dimensioni: Mb 1.72

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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