Blender 2.71

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Blender 2.71
Blender è un programma open source di modellazione, rigging, animazione, compositing e rendering di immagini 3D. Dispone inoltre di funzionalità per mappature UV, simulazioni di fluidi, di rivestimenti, di particelle, altre simulazioni non lineari e creazione di applicazioni/giochi 3D.


The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.71. Much awaited new features for Cycles renderer include deformation motion blur, fire/smoke and volume rendering and a baking API. User interface now allows for draggable popups and resizable preview widgets. Animation has new interpolation types with “easing equations” presets. Modeling now allows to “split normals” and Sculpting/Painting has new HSL color wheel and constant detail in dyntopo. Game development now allows deactivating logic bricks, multi-threaded animations, cast only materials and “unlimited” action layers. Freestyle NPR rendering has a new textured strokes feature, along with line sorting options.

Cycles Rendering
Cycles now includes support for rendering volume textures, fire and smoke, deformation motion blur, baking textures from cycles materials, more texture interpolation modes and a dedicated UV layer node.

271-fcurve easing equations.png
More easing equations added to the IPO editor for better animation control, locking time to other windows is again possible, auto snapping is now independent from display type.

The user interface now offers more feedback, especially on errors, updates driver expressions automatically on editing, includes more icons and offers more editing tools.

New tools also include lasso selection support, non-linked duplication for strips, and setting preview range based on selected strips.

Release 271 split.png
The new per-face normals feature allows blender to display and export sharp edges correctly without geometry duplication.

In addition, selection tools offer more options.

Sculpt constand detail.png
New features include a HSL color wheel for color selection and tools to handle homogenous density in dynamic topology sculpting.

Dyntopo and matcap display for sculpt mode have also had performance optimizations.

Game Engine
UI to deactivate logic bricks, multi-threaded animations, shadows-only materials and more action layers are among the new features for the game engine

Freestyle NPR Rendering
Rim sketch.jpg
Freestyle has been upgraded with textured stroke support. Textured stroke support makes it possible to apply patterns to the lines and simulate rough surfaces or different kinds of brush tips for the strokes themselves.

Line sorting also gives artists more control over the order of line drawing

User Interface
2.71 new brush previews release.png
Interface features include new icons for texture painting, resizeable preview widgets and draggable popups.

More Features
More control for curve bevelling, explicit shadow cast control for blender internal materials, new distortion model for motion tracking and better handles for mask editors.

Feature Videos
Look at many of the above features in the Blender Developer Sneak Peeks - a video podcast series that showcases important milestones in the development of every Blender release.

Bug Fixes

3D View
Fix T39101: Can not select object on backface by clicking when Matcap is on (r12c56d8)
Fix T39070: Custom bone shapes appear only one sided (rdf5cbfb)
Fix T39112: Increment snap does not work in perspective view at 0.01 scale (for scene and grid floor) (r6919ffb)
Fix T39123: Border select without "extend" does nor clear selection of bezier nodes in 3D view (r0a3850f)
Fix T39252: Regression: Auto perspective fails when switching from {front, side, top} to camera view, and then to user persp (rdf25dbf)
Fix T39306: Backface culling in Multitexture always uses mat game settings (r0f95149)
Fix T39305: Matcap Crash when using Material Nodes in Blender Internal (r1781928)
Fix T39626: Matcaps not working in edit mode (r574b0e2)
Fix T40543: Duplicators draw with ´Render Only´. (04c2e5d)
Fix T39065: Leaving QuadView lost view settings. (d71db08)
Fix T40283: Matcaps disables GLSL shadows. (90db85a)
Fix T40617: Ortho view selects objects behind camera 31e15b56a4a011dd61a5e04c344418ad0658de92
Fix T38905: view3d.object_as_camera didn´t store the last-view. (cdaff06)
Fix T39988: Selected object count invalid after exiting local-view. (4516338)
Fix for image garbage collection failing to run for render-only views. (049b6cf)
Fix for rotate-around-selection in text-edit mode. (3210dfe)
Fix for dropping images into the 3D View. (dcabd3f)
Fix flickering when transform snapping in edit mode and cursor is. (7b5fe4f)

Fix T38774: Changing extrapolation type via RNA doesn´t update FCurve (r3e26a7a)
Fix T39035: Cycles F-Modifier truncates end/beginning frame values for repetition (r7461fea)
Fix T39018: Duplicate entries for material/shader in AnimEditors (rd219312)
Fix T38897: Problems moving animation channels up and down in dope sheet/action editor (r1f3655d)
Fix T38870: Freezes when jumping in front of a keyframe (rd4cc81d)
Fix T39405: Make "amplitude" for elastic easing more intuitive to use (red775ed)
Fix T39291: "Stepped" F-curve modifier does not work as expected when stacked after other modifiers (rb37dc6a)
Fix T39850: Graph Editor - ´Mirror Over First Selected Marker´ mirrors over frame 0 instead (r3f0227e)
Fix T39851: F-curve noise modifier on a bone: change selection when modifying value. (1fabfc9)
Fix T39795: Crash when duplicate f-curve keyframe, individual origins. (db32e6c)

Fix T39750: Bones disappearing with strange transforms (ree387c6)
Fix T39766: Bone calculation from edit mode goes wrong (rbd3231c)
Fix T39771: Armature Tools and Options Panel appears in other TABs (r419f775)
Fix T37293: Trying to fix scrubbing not stopping playback (rb977cfd)
Fix T39083: Speakers were evaluated multiple times when used in sets (r23fbc9f)
Fix T39607: Audio not in synch when the blend file loads (r9351e87)

Curve Editing
Fix T39109: Vertices affected by Hook Modifiers change after "switch Direction" on Curves (r7b03eb5)
Fix for curve having invalid active vertex after setting type. (eaf815f)
File I/O
Fix T39521: Render with two Blender processes on same computer: compression issues? (r6cd717e)

Game Engine
Fix T36566: 2D filters broken in the Blenderplayer when using side by side stereo (reedde31)
Fix T39509: Crash when assign an empty as a LoD (r70f089b)
Fix T39445: Async LibLoad Crash (rd050577)
Fix T39458: Switching physics type from Character to Dynamic enables ghost flag silently (r0f91d2c)
Fix T40343: Using replace mesh (e.g., LODs) on a skinned mesh crashes. (7317b4f)
BGE: Fixing a crash when animating objects with modifiers and armatures (r1941364)

Image / UV Editing
Fix T31598: Smart UV failed for small faces (r22873ea)
Fix T37509: Regression in smart-uv island orientation (r0ebade5)
Fix T39640: Crash on maximizing/minimizing UV/Image Editor (r6300d22)

Mesh Editing
Fix T38623: Knife tool completely failing on interior geometry. (cd9aed7)
Fix T39210: Grid Fill is generating mesh that´s inconsistent with selected edge loops (r0e9084d)
Fix T39215: Shortest path error (rd08e6ab)
Fix T39663: Blender crashes when trying to triangulate uv unwrapped mesh. (rc777f69)
Fix T39756: Extrude, immediate scale (r53fd22a)
Fix T39617: Midpoint snap should affect intermediate points (rf2f3ef8)
Fix T39174 Bevel didn´t maintain edge attributes. (6bde9a5)
Fix T37618 Bevel mismatched offsets and bad profile plane. (d504b32)
Fix T40498 invalid textures flickering. (e8c63ca)
Fix T40422: EdgeSlide works incorrectly with boundry edges. (53424ec)
Fix T40252: Knife snapping ignores axis-constraint. (71c11db)
Fix Bevel multisegment profile bugs T39184, T37502 and last part of T40365. (84767a2)
Fix Bevel bug T39746, small scale gives flat profile. (8c2b5ff)
Fix for box-packing erratic placement with identical boxes. (ae71729)
Fix EdgeSlide behavior with boundry edges. (eb57f65)
Fix for slowdown converting mesh to curve with large polygons. (75381ae)

3D Text Editing
Fix T39745: "Origin to geometry" not working with Text objects (r4769b44)
Fix T39765: Crash on text with generative modifiers (rddc88ea)
Fix T40144: Font rendering problems. (5db81a0)
Fix T39111: Boolean assert failure on widows (r2e128ba)
Fix T39567: Simple deform modifier error (rd5ce2b5)
Fix T39266: Weird Skin modifier shutdown (ra3f5e6c)
Fix T39610: Shared mesh used for Mesh Deform causes crash (r97881d0)
Fix T39685: Triangulation modifier creates zero-area faces (r5c4bb81e)
Fix T40215: Boolean looses bevel width. (d27d982)
Fix T40551: Boolean Modifier distorts UVs. (05fa464)

Movie Clip Editor
Fix T39271: Crash in MCE with "p" shortcut without clip (r9d4b54b)

Nodes / Compositor
Fix T39189: Node editor Map Uv requires an scale node to work (rcaf5d90)
Fix T39455: Nodes scaled wrong when some in a frame, some not. (r29888dc)
Fix T39547: Toggling render passes on active scene does not update render layer nodes in a pinned tree from different scene (r2881473)
Fix T39206: Plane deform works incredibly slow (r5a29b55)
Fix T39643: Compositor renders blank Render Layer from other Scenes (r64e7065)
Fix T39700: Plane deform still works forever (r8fd6879)
Fix T39849: Adding links directly between node group input/output extension sockets would create additional extension sockets instead of simply ignoring them (r513066e)
Fix T39830: Viewer node update error in the compositor when using the seperate/combine YCbCr nodes. (488581b)
Fix T40448: Blurring bug in the compositor. (9016d6d)
Fix T39985: crash while rendering a scene with compositing nodes using another scene. (b62c2a9)
Fix T38245: Render slot buffer gets deleted in compositor when input is an image. (1b9feb0)
Fix T39799: Backdrop (compositor) ignores alpha. (005dabb)
Fix T40236: Undo not pushed in old-school node curve tool button functions. (2bbb442)
Fix T40383: Keying node doesn´t work. (5a7b049)
Fix T40459: Gauss table can be NULL when ending the blur node operation,. (27630f4)
Fix T40596: Node link menus flipped & events inverted. (a8532fb)
Fix for wrong behavior of ´darken´ blend mode with factor. (1dcf956)
Fix for typeinfo NULL pointer crash when initializing unknown node types. (a7918ea)
Fix for displace node regression: was adding a (0.5, 0.5) offset, even for zero displacement (ref51b69)

Fix T39081: Crash duplicating objects (r41dde55)
Fix T39080: Copy-to-selected operator fails for pointer properties (ra6bdad6)
Fix T39033: Regression, duplicating proxy loses proxy (rc2045ef)
Fix T39126: Convert To: Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surface does not respect "Keep Original" (rb23a439)
Fix T39136: DupliFaces: Inconsistent handling of group member types (ra6e3471)
Fix T39383: Blender crash when renaming bone in outliner (weight paint mode) (r07578be)
Fix T37599: Crash making linked objects local and undo (r6e5e3b7)
Fix T39736: Ctrl+V reports "Objects Pasted" regardless if it worked or not (r4f00737)

Fix T39180: Particle with fluid physics unstable (rade6646)
Physics / Hair / Simulations
Fix T39078: crash increasing hair emission number (r500088d)
Fix T39104: 2 clothes on a collision object cause crash (rde86b70)
Fix T39646: Rigid Body Constraints non functional on release builds (r6ffabfa)

Fix T39028: Quadview views inaccessible with python except bottom right view (ra2ffd8e)
Fix T39392: Python bindings for geometry.box_pack_2d() return invalid total height (re9a64e2)
Fix T39550: has bad default (r747ba57)
Fix T39768: GLOBAL_X/Y/Z don´t exist for bpy.ops.armature.calculate_roll type enum (r64f3774)
Fix Python fails to execute text-blocks including non-mbcs chars f325ddb0d7f876587f12464fab51810f118ee06d

Fix T39029: Blender Internal: Render tiles do not appear until render is finished if Save Buffers enabled (r89c793f)
Fix T39233: Face assigned textures bake too bright (r7997e38)
Fix T37675: blender internal viewport render wrong for volumes after rotation (rf270b34)
Fix T39828: Incorrect render layer visibility display for animated render layers (r14ab812)
Fix T39852: Crash (Blender internal) large objects (r1e6fa59)
Fix T39763: Blender renders disabled Render Layers using Blender Internal. (295c37c)
Fix T40388: 2.70a - Blender Render - Texture Stack - persistent checkbox state. (4b15a54)
Fix T40240: Bug with render region with maya short cut. (4fc0992)
Fix for missing render layer display buffer allocation. (1552b56)
Blender Internal: Fix texture influence panel not showing Displace/Warp sliders for volume materials. (12e47d0)
Blender Internal: Fix for lamp option "Specular" not working when "Only Shadow" is enabled. (650f1d0)
Render: Freestyle
Fix T39941: Freestyle: Rendered preview crashes when non-primary render layer is selected and disabled. (182e97a)
Fix T40020: Freestyle: dashed lines crashes blender. (047c3aa)
Fix T39669: Freestyle: Curve with extrude>0 causes warnings in console. (f8554ed)
Fix T40307: Crash with freestyle and particle hair. (97d047a)
Fix T40315: Boolean modifier with Freestyle edges. (edfd989)
Fix T40457: Subsurf modifier with Freestyle edges. (3e6c734)
Fix for missing initialization and copying of FreestyleLineStyle::pr_texture value. (308ec60)
Fix for an occasional crash in Freestyle stroke rendering. (1064b74)
Freestyle: Fix for a wrong interpolation of stroke segment visibility. (c4e277d)
Freestyle: Fix for dashed lines when applied to invisible stroke segments. (3a0be8a)
Freestyle: Fix for the active line set index possibly invalidated after deleting a line set. (d930c63)
Freestyle: Fix for texture spacing reset to a non-default value on load of old .blend files. (980c1a9)
Freestyle: Fix for GetOccludeeF1D returning a one-element list containing None when it is supposed to return an empty list. (6c136a6)
Freestyle: Fix for Z normalization in SilhouetteGeomEngine. (13c92a7)
Freestyle: Partial fix for thinning strokes due to flipping stroke directions at TVertices. (08528f5)
Freestyle: Fix for a wrong formula used for RGB to grayscale conversion. (de280ff)
Freestyle: Fix for viewport render not updating with changes of Freestyle settings. (269b14f)
Fix for missing visits of Freestyle-related ID data blocks in BKE_library_foreach_ID_link(). (00f7220)
Render: Cycles
Fix T39114: Cycles lamp ray visibility not working (rd7cff8f)
Fix T39525: Branched path + no lights + disabled use all lights option crash (rc886280)
Fix T39523: Cycles cache BVH not working correct with deformation motion blur. (r7ed9d1b)
Fix T39525: Cycles volume render difference between branched/non-branched path (ra58814a)
Fix T39577: Cycles issue mixing anisotropic BSDFs with branched path tracer (r5e5ec4c)
Fix T39284: clamp cycles volume density to be >= 0, to avoid accidental strange shading (r7230866)
Fix T39833: Nurbs Crash (r0e2f6c7)
Fix T39946: OSL + tangent space normal maps not working in Cycles. (80e137e)
Fix T40048: Cycles bake crashes Blender [when there is no image]. (9fe618e)
Fix T39843: cycles memory leak rendering with high transparent depth. (61eba8f)
Fix T39965: Sequencer do not sync cycles strips. (19cd692)
Fix T40031: cycles deformation motion blur wrong render on last frame of animation. (7a2ece3)
Fix T40079: cycles crash with objects that have hair motion blur, but no triangle motion. (19bddbf)
Fix T39585: cycles motion vector pass problem with curves. (5f01b3d)
Fix T40149: cycles motion blur render problem with multiple render layers. (1b1b71f)
Fix T40194: cycles deformation motion blur not working with curves + shape keys. (f44e743)
Fix T40195: cycles smoke + persistent images animation render not working correct. (c6d9b11)
Fix T39764: cycles not rendering EXR image textures with 5 channels (RGBA + Z). (6271c72)
Fix T39711: cycles particle motion blur affected by viewport draw method. (27cebb2)
Fix T40299, Crash on rendering due to dependency cycles and NULL pointer when using particle duplis. (79fe023)
Fix T40320: wrong render layer visibility with cycles deformation motion blur. (f8ce417)
Fix T40345: cycles volume render + AO pass not working correct. (48b053b)
Fix T40386: cycles anisotropic BSDF difference between SVM and OSL. (4d1ec4d)
Fix T39804: cycles smoke domain visible in rendering. (0780f59)
Fix T40456: cycles bug with branched path + sss + no sample all direct lights. (bc4043e)
Fix T40478: wrong cycles fresnel with GLSL materials in the viewport. (9b3efa9)
Fix T40429: cycles CUDA + use persistent images problem. (2305e32)
Fix T40228: cycles CUDA multi GPU + world MIS giving error. (865dfa8)
Fix T40561: cycles refraction node with sharp distribution gives black. (fb6cb25)
Fix T40482: Cycles matlib file crashes. (dc2daf7)
Fix T40423: UV Editing ´Draw Other Objects´ fails with Cycles. (a1f8cb6)
Fix T40436: No preview in Brush with Cycles. (ee5f432)
Fix T40282: Renaming node sockets in Cycles nodes causes crash. (07fa016)
Fix T40514: Cycles world MIS segfault. (8392e83)
Fix T40379: world MIS causing too much CUDA memory usage. (69c7522)
Fix occasional wrong normal for curves with minimum width (r0f85174)
Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in Cycles. (f300c15)
Fix cycles motion pass for hair curves showing a bit of motion when there isn´t any. (fe00dbc)
Fix cycles CUDA error when trying to use >= 100 image textures. (30c42d7)
Fix uninitialized memory use in Cycles. (b1350cf)

Fix T39208: Adding scene to another scene´s VSE causes audio and video to be unsynchronized (r930765f)
Fix T38566: "Separate images" in VSE is not working any longer (red26edb)
Fix T39584: Effects strips render black (r4f6c218)
Fix T39702: VSE channel preview: strips used as effect operands no more visible (r4863253)
Fix T39818: Strips from file with long filename broke auto-naming - animation can´t be apply on it (r6ee8670)
Fix T39785: Video Sequencer, Aspect Ratio issue. (e7c5931)
Fix T40280: sequencer sound strips with an end at a negative time kept playing. (38fcc3e)
Fix Sequencer OpenGL render ignoring preview channel. (f574b1c)
Fix issues when ungrouping meta changes the final sequencer render. (ec97cb8)

Sculpting / Painting
Fix T39034: Brush always shown even after deactivating the show cursor option after reentering a paint mode (r2de9da6)
Fix T39087: Weight Paint, custom color ranges don´t update in viewport (rced595a)
Fix T39156: Add support for image paint operations in undo history operator (Ctrl + Alt + Z) (r93684d5)
Fix T38928: Particle add brush would generate trash on meshes with use_modifier_stack enabled (reca6264)
Fix T39520: Show diffuse not working in dyntopo (r8c730b1)
Fix T39517: Sculpting option "show difusse color" is only displayed when viewport is clicked (r03bd418)
Fix T39245: Crash when dynamic topology is enabled (r9bbb30b)
Fix T39430: Incorrect color management in paint cursor when using texture nodes (r301d7d2)
Fix T39704: Texture painting fails with different float image working space (re6ff0ec)
Fix T39429: Project paint error with UV bleed (rf2c483d)
Fix T39196, Dynamic Topology Undo Applied to Wrong Mesh. (33df6aa)
Fix T39978: Sculpting shapekeys - Using Smooth tool, turns shapekey into Basis. (ad87d47)
Fix hard crash when using persistent base on layer brush on multires and dyntopo (r20f7a34)
Fix crash when changing and using between layer and other brushes in dyntopo (rf03df4f)

User Interface
Fix T39060: "Choose by numbers" do not work with Enum-menus, but work with operators-menus (r330272b)
Fix T39228: Gamma/lift/gain are burned out in the circular color pickers and value/lightness slider stops midway (r06de5be)
Fix T39203: Boid particle naming UI semi-freeze (rc450ea2)
Fix T39378: Revert, Recover Last Session and Load Factory Settings have no prompt (r420da87)
Fix T39563: Tiny unit-display problem in constraint panels (r8714ae0)
Fix T39562: Properties panel Pinning is broken (r95b25e7)
Fix T39627: HSL color sliders acting funky (r2d655d3)
Fix T39234: Popup menus behave poorly when they have not enough width for all their columns (r09e5aa5)
Fix T39692: Text fields in datablocks editor are broken. (6ac300a, 8dcb1e9, f328f45)
Fix T40226: Keep collapse-menu when splitting areas. (04665e2)
Fix T40325: UILists do not save their height anymore. (01f5845)
Fix T40538: Multi-button canceling edit-text could leave edited value. (c04c6a3)
Fix T40534: Multi-button editing, hard to distinguish sliders. (5b367c9)
Fix T40411: UI incorrectly permits changing materal_slots on linked obdata. (47bf779)

Fix T40157: Loading movies larger than 4GB in size fails. (973f95f)
Fix T40609: Wrong WS between word and ´?´ (no space in english typography in those cases). 871a8eb6b265f8ccfb502107a0c60741b153fb42
Fix T31555: Username with special chars in Windows 7. (bb5b608)
Fix mempool bottleneck alloc & freeing a single item. (b707b07)
Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)

Fix T39164: Mask tansform doesn´t respect parent for center (ra205700)
Fix T39767: Parent in Mask mode crashes (rba61992)
Fix T39758: Blender Crash when removing pinned Scene (r88ae0be)

Fix T39867: Hotkey is not displayed in the node editor´s menu. (258a9b5)
Fix T39819: Decouple autosnap behaviour from time display. (9c28a24)
Fix T39861: UI destroys float precision. (d12ceec)
Fix T39886: Transformed parents of Rigid Bodies cause problems with Bake To Keyframes. (258e30f)
Fix T38924: wm.link_append() could fail to append. (1eb1351)
Fix T39895: Displaying the armature layers popup in edit mode always fails. (18060d8)
Fix for transform local-axis calculation with zero length normals. (a34a653)
Fix T39896: lock view rotation, behavior not consistent. (d0533b6)
Fix T34993: "Jump to Next Keyframe" shortcut not related to the timeline viewable keyframes. (c261052)
Fix T39919: Collada export crashes blender when using a "Copy Location" constraint. (4aea8f1)
Fix T39921: Collada export creates invalid XML when using Track To constraint. (f0ec202)
Fix T39597: Missing entries in VSE Preview menu. (a8eb95c)
Fix T39911: Unpredictable behaviour when editing y-coordinate of right handle via Active Key panel (for aligned handles). (c504b8b)
Fix T39902: Keyframe insertion by a Keying Set fails in the edit mode when keyframing object data properties. (2aa9d33)
Fix T39726: wire edges cause bevel artifacts. (27db753)
Fix T39934: Duplicate node shown in outliner´s datablock display. (49a5c57)
Fix T39539. Initialization of not initialized memory when accessing the renderlayer directly(5d51de3)
Fix T39614: Ping Pong Action doesn´t work correctly. (3448822)
Fix T39936: Plane Track operation would not initialize resolutions for. (55c720f)
Fix T39942: Displacement of group instance objects when switching to textured viewport shading. (7544961)
Fix T39940: animation of render layer on/off toggle not working during render. (4ff3ebf)
Fix issue discovered in soc-paint-2013 branch. (d36795a)
Fix for nurbs surface merge didn´t update key index. (6edcff4)
Fix T31605: rotate around selection ignores numpad. (8db8422)
Fix T39952: Printing tiles gives negative numbers. (1f4cfb3)
Fix T39933: Link/Append Scenes misses VSE mask, clips. (32e0230)
Fix T39953: Float data images display trash in image editor. (fe29f92)
Fix T39931: Crash generating thumbnails (error in escaping). (d2032d0)
Fix T35176: Python fails with blend files from non-ASCII paths. (4d1a109)
Fix T39974: Popups lead to crash if ´UNDO´ isn´t set. (4b75956)
Fix for copy_object_pose incrementing custom user twice. (762a988)
Fix T39969: Make single user object looses custom-tx-bone. (d50f883)
Fix for making single user objects setting FROMGROUP flag incorrectly. (2ce3e46)
Fix first part of T39956. (73ad0df)
Fix T39884: Displaying filenames with ´|´ failing in menus. (4849ca8)
fix T39967: Added support for Import/export of vertex color layers. (8bdac4d)
Fix T39987: The new "redirect to bone constraints" button at the object constaints tab is wrong in bone edit mode. (e228825)
Fix T39932: LibNew can´t find LibLoaded meshes. (5f80a7f)
Fix T35552: LibLoading objects with Collision sensors gives an error. (1a8b176)
Fix T39984: Interpolation errors in particle emitter animation. (6416979)
Fix T39966: Whole Group option of dupligroup visualization of particles. (b2c2edf)
Fix incorrect sizes used copying panel idname, tabname. (0bb2025)
Fix T39924: 400 character limit in text fields. (fc59147)
Fix for paste clamping the string length to UI_MAX_DRAW_STR. (43d5e54)
Fix T40001: Opening a 2.66 blend file in 2.7, a bone appear "rolled but not rolled". (39dc3bc)
Fix T39997: Multiple boolean modifiers sharing the same right operand crashes. (e08db08)
Fix T40010: Single user looses parent relationship (temporarily). (a1ba57a)
Fix typo (uninitialized var). (fd80ac4)
NLA Eval Bugfix: Influence settings on active action didn´t work. (91f90f6)
Fix T39928: Blender crash/freeze when game engine is started with animation played directly on camera object with parents. (362b25b3)
Fix: T40016 ID Names translated in menus. (cf069af)
Fix T40029: Apply transform to empties reset their location. (38a430c)
Fix T39322, hair not rendered in rendered mode viewport after returning. (fbfaa47)
Fix T39956. (4638ca0)
Fix for uninitialized unit_use_radians variable with inset and bevel. (35380cd)
Fix issue discovered while investigating T39950:. (20f7aaf)
Fix T39653 crash on drawing modified UVs. (02b1dbe)
Bugfix: Bend modifier´s angle property has crazy limits. (2679eaa)
Fix crash binding mdef with no faces. (0710d9d)
Fix T40052, Grid Particles Crash due to invalid empty mesh verts access. (77d11a5)
Fix T40051: Inconsistent dupli vert/face handling of group member types. (5e55fc2)
Fix T40033: Jumping between versions can lead to loss of node storage. (79c345a)
Fix for crash when userprefs fails to read. (d964bad)
Bugfix: "Lock time to frame range" didn´t work in the Graph Editor. (d20c9e4)
Fix T40080: forcefield_toggle_exec() doesn´t always enable force field. (cd60c18b)
NLA Editor Bugfix: Select NLA tracks too when selecting strips. (b2b7b3f)
Fix T40094 Faulty resizing behavior of frame node. (d61f8a5)
Fix T36973: Active snapping fails for edges/faces. (663c800)
Fix access violation when painting with tiled textured brushes +. (f622691)
BGE: Fixing shape key animations on meshes with no armature. (087bbe6)
Fix T40113: Skinned meshes with non-animated shape keys crashes the BGE. (d5588fd)
Fix T40119, CUDA Toolkit version mismatch. (fd26a32)
Fix T40107: painting on a psd image crashes blender + style cleanup in file. (8904eaf)
Fix for numpad orbit ignoring auto-perspective. (47e9057)
Fix crash removing objects rigid body constraints. (e2672a4)
Fix for crash when doing "make local object+data" on an empty. (3d7d930)
Fix T40115: Smoke simulator memory leak with high poly mesh emitter. (3557094)
Fix T40111: replaceMesh() crashes BGE when used on a parented object. (43f3e79)
Fix T38379: Mesh vertices only update when in cone of last created spotlight. (2055e96)
Fix T40162: Vert connect creates extra face cutting across concave NGon. (dd8a9ee)
Fix T40158: Playback with 100% proxies is very slow. (eed0c4d)
Fix T37796, Mesh lost after exiting sculpt mode and undoing. (ea6620c)
BGE: Fixing some NavMesh memory leaks. (1d1560e)
Fix T40172: LibFree() crashes with shared materials (e.g., from multiple LibNew() calls). (23b682d)
Fix for curve widget hue gradient drawing incorrectly when zooming. (30361a7)
Fix T40187: Can´t set single keyframe handle as Vector. (53efee6)
Fix for FCurve keyframe editing left handle from button failing if not selected. (a756499)
Fix FCurve mirror ignoring aligned/free handles. (3c3fa29)
Dirty fix for memory corruption in the rigid body API. (2ac9e85)
Fix T40191: Misleading TypeError message when registering CollectionProperty wtihout kwarg "type". (6b2689c)
Fix T40182: Crash when using KX_GameObject.rayCast/rayCastTo(). (064ef3f)
Fix T40199: bge.logic.LibFree() could cause crashes by leaving dangling pointers in the rasterizer. (ff2ec05)
Fix T40154: UI Multi-drag sets value beyond max. (9892f03)
Fix T40180: Space between letters adds space after last letter. (7c51638)
Fixes for font underline. (c7ab68f)
Fix for right aligned text ignoring xoffset. (ac9eaf9)
Fix T40204: x-offset textbox failed with center/justify/flush. (e5b8d84)
Fix 3D font selection and material lagging behind with vertical cursor motion. (42eb36e)
Fix for cursor location with xoffset & flush alignment. (4725941)
Fix T39684, warn when entering sculpt mode with an object with non-. (56aa4ea)
Fix T40214: Wrong size calculation on new curve objects. (48fcadc)
Fix part of T39708, don´t overupdate particles when changine active. (57e1ec2)
Fix T40202: File selector operators not reported in info view. (3e38be0)
Fix Bevel bugs T39726 and T39108, bevels with wire edges. (758bdcd)
Fix T40223: Setting bevel_factor_mapping_start/end crashes. (1923a8f)
Fix T38895: Unstable behavior using VehicleWrapper after Bullet 2.82 update. (2e20c16)
Fix T40230: Recursion check when adding objects to groups is incorrect. (003387f)
Fix T40246: Speaker Object is missing from Tabs > ´Create´ tab in the Toolbar. (9127b8f)
Fix BLI_cleanup_path: ´.´ at the start of a path. (a089a86)
Fix T40201: Keyframe edits fail to update the viewport. (193e77c)
Fix T40251: Rename of Shape key is not redrawed in Dopesheep. (d1dde3c)
Fix T39897: shape keys created while the Relative checkbox is unchecked start out with frame=0. (875aff2)
Fix T40242: 3D view background images incorrectly shown during viewport render. (5f05ebc)
Fix compilation error on kFreeBSD. (76f7a5b)
Fix part of T35600: Outliner did not update when renaming armature bone names. (295bc12)
Fix T40271: Missing redraw for bone editing bone roll. (e2a9923)
Fix T40224: Crash moving objects to another layer. (c998d6d)
Fix T40267: Addon´s bug tracker urls not respected. (6283538)
Fix T40291: Crash when adding # driver to some fields. (d203edf)
Fix T40222 texture painting on mirrored meshes does not apply pixel. (b963434)
Fix T40271: recalculation of the bone roll does not work correctly. (ebbeb08)
Bugfix T40292: Trying to rename shapekey datablocks from AnimEditors renamed object instead. (5bb615c)
Fix T40309: Select inner region ´bigger´ failed with equal regions. (07ffd9c)
Fix T38493: ray_cast causes runtime error with no faces. (c6de033)
Fix T39901: Crashes if the resolution % is changed while rendering an animation. (c56bbcc)
Fix T40290: False (or malfunctioning) dependency-cycle warning when adding dupligroup objects to another group. (7a86765)
Another fix for T40230/T40290: Object tags were not properly initialized. (90449f9)
Fix T40324: Checker deselect fails for edge-rings. (bec8cee)
Fix crash rendering linked scenes in compo. (5811076)
Fix T40331: Incorrect display of path of editted data. (c75261c)
Fix curve switch direction ignoring active vertex. (a1d286a)
Fix for BLI_delete failing on files containing quotes. (6b7bee6)
Fix for thinning strokes at intersections between visible and background hidden lines. (fce731a)
Fix T40359: Scene / Color Management: White Point Mapping Has Limit. (1539785)
Fix T40354: Camera Tracks in the Dope Sheet can´t be deselected. (3131b5d)
Fix for out of bounds reads with curve bevel mapping. (e9e1357)
Fix T40223: Errors in bevel_factor_mapping_start/end. (91a91b9)
Fix T40373: Adding movie creates overlapping audio strips. (13b81c8)
Fix T40344: Levels of Detail not smooth with Armature Modifier. (f469185)
Fix T40387, image api save and pack did not fire notifiers. (1c5ffdd)
Fix T40362: Projected texture from spotlight doesn´t scale with spotsize when changed in-game via Python. (5c5ca13)
Fix T40403: Particles disappear after rendering. (6bb459f)
Fix T40272: Error setting option flags2 to value fastpskip. (9dbd577)
Fix mask transform when display aspect is not 1:1. (dcf2a07)
Fix T40338: Vertex transform origin ignores Normalize option in graph editor. (7c8be33)
Fix T40412: Moving mask layers does not invalidate mask drawing in the movie clip editor. (11a1562)
Fix T40414: Multiple input nodes in a group not working. (34ca8fe)
Fix T39686: nused omp firstprivate variable sphdata in particles. (3e0d589)
Fix T40408: world MIS + equiangular sampling giving unnecessary noise. (9e61dcc)
Fix T40078: GLSL Lamp with OnlyShadow makes weird colors in object. (8008d9b)
Fix T40438: Name of texture is not synchronize. (a26e41c)
Fix T40445: Disabled modifiers prevent cage edit mode. (6b538f4)
Fix incorrect flag checks for project-paint face winding. (c68295f)
Fix T40447: Creating Rigid Bodies is rejected for meshes without polys. (7674ebf)
Fix T40342: smooth shading flag in dyntopo does not work under MSVC. (d4c078b)
Fix T39053: Replace mesh actuator does not replace material (only mesh). (6c9dd17)
Fix T40489: Curve drawing skipped loose-wire when mixed with solid faces. (b3e9a71)
Fix for dupli´s ignoring color in set-scenes. (5ee55ca)
Fix T40382: 2D stabilization uses disabled markers. (543ce85)
Fix subpixel precision in transform node. (6b256a7)
Fix T40508: Calculating normals crashes. (0b0bac8)
Fix T40522: Viewport layer name is not redrawed. (607cd0e)
Fix T38668: When using Maya Input style, there is no way to snap Knife tool to midpoints. (a98c27f)
Fix T40520: Properties panel in properties region in 3D view does not go away. (553264f)
Fix T40547: Can´t read single channel EXRs. (615f4dc)
Fix T40057: invisible hair particles slowing down mesh edits. (0ae8ce3)
Fix T40549: box selection starting point in the file requester. (f1f33ba)
Fix wrong memory write in partial render update with Save Buffers enabled. (74e32ef)
Fix missing notifier when inserting keyframe. (00c7e2a2a)
Fix T40582: issues with apply scale when having multires and scene simplify. (20550d6)
Fix T40559: Maya keymap node selection bug. (3f2b023)

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