Blender 2.58a

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News del 04 Luglio 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Blender 2.58a
Blender è un programma open source di modellazione, rigging, animazione, compositing e rendering di immagini 3D. Dispone inoltre di funzionalità per mappature UV, simulazioni di fluidi, di rivestimenti, di particelle, altre simulazioni non lineari e creazione di applicazioni/giochi 3D


  • More flexible size options for particle billboards. This adds scale factors for width and height of billboards, relative to the particle size. It´s useful when the particle size is primarily used for collision and the like, so the billboard appearance can be adjusted independently. Also allows non-square billboards.
    In addition the billboards can be scaled by the particle velocity with optional head and tail factors (similar to line drawing options). This allows for pseudo-motionblur effects. - r37760
  • Addon UI: button for removing addons which are installed to user/home paths - r37950
Python API:
    Python application event handlers - r37795
      - adds which contains lists, each for an event type:
              - render_pre, render_post, load_pre, load_post, save_pre, save_post
              - each list item needs to be a callable object which takes 1 argument (the ID).
              - callbacks are cleared on file load.

  • mathutils.geometry.intersect_line_sphere(l1, l2, sphere, radius, clip=True) - r37820
  • RenderEngine API: add error reporting function for render engines, works the same as for operators. - r37916
Fixes Essential Fixes:
    fix: Tile-able displacement map / tile-able painting regression in 2.58 - [#27782], r37899
  • fix: bake crash with deep shadow, strand and children - [#27807], r37970
  • fix: incorrect use of GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object, could crash blender - r37881
  • Thumbnail save for .blend crashed, when being in editmode for a mesh that has other object users as well. - [#27765], r37810
  • fix: Multires lost from 2.49 file in 2.5x - [#27710,], r37837
Other Fixes:
  • CMake was installing .bfont.ttf in the config dir which made updating from the previous blender version fail - r37725
  • fix: Driven properties not checked for legal UI bounds - [#27726], r37744
  • GHOST Cocoa: move y origin top/bottom conversions out of windowmanager module and into GHOST. Also fixes a problem where e.g. the user preferences window would not open under the mouse cursor correctly. - r37765
  • revert commit 27133: Committing patch [#27133] "Fix for for Object Color in BGE" by Kupoman. This was causing a lot of backward compatibility problems and side effects. - r37773
  • W special menu for changing orthographic camera lens scale was missing - r37782
  • fix: Black and White Render doesn´t work and/or Saves as a Blank screen, convert to grayscale when saving renders rather then only writing the red channel. - [#27746], r37783
  • fix: Modal operator in Special Menu (W) ignores continues grab - [#27747], r37784
  • fix: Smart UV project no longer works in 2.58 failed with active, unselected objects. - [#27742], r37785
  • free_bvhtree_from_mesh was incorrectly using sizeof() when clearing memory. - r37787
  • Fix undeterministic behavior of volumetric renderer - [#27748], r37802
  • Made clearer in the UI that the approximate multiple scattering always enables light cache
  • Fixed a potential problem in anisotropic scattering
  • Default startup theme used same node header color for "in/out" nodes as for "inactive or undefined" nodes. This made it impossible to see which of the output nodes in node setup was ´active´ - [#27761], r37808
  • fix python errors when the sculpt brush is None - r37836
  • fix for a leak in sound_read_sound_buffer(), used when drawing the sequencer waveform. - r37845
  • fix: Set Bone Flags - No Scale - Toggle fails - [#27778], r37850
  • fix: On clicking in a non-active Blender window (when you activated others), the mouse position of the first click was still the old position. - [#27768], r37854
  • fix: Blender player on OSX not working - [#26850], r37861, r37862, r37865
  • fix: Smart UV Unwrap Results in Overlaps - [#27787], r37889
  • Closed regions didn´t always draw the (+) icon right place, confusing for users. - r37986
  • fix: foreach_get was failing on readonly properties - [#27820], r38006
  • fix: Outliner does not update when parents are cleared - [#27816], r37999
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