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News del 06 Marzo 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Bespin 0.1.4
  • We are now using Dojo throughout (thanks to Roberto Saccon with some assistance from Peter Higgins and James Burke of the Dojo project)
  • The top-level file is now in charge of installing Dojo and setting up the development environment.
  • Switched to a multithreaded development server
  • New setting: autoindent. With it turned on, when you hit RETURN/ENTER you will be placed on the same space level on the next line
  • Select an area and hit TAB and it all indents. SHIFT+TAB and it unindents. Thanks to Jay Bird!
  • PHP and Java syntax highlighting is enabled (Java cheats) Thanks to Sean Burke.
  • Special support for certain keys so German keyboards etc can get in ´{´ and the like. Thanks to Julian Viereck
  • Better indent support and history. Thanks to Julian Vierect
  • Arduino support. Optional, add: include("bespin.syntax.arduino"); to your config.js to turn on. Thanks to Olle Jonsson
  • Config work has short cuts now so you can simply use: include(file), execute(cmd), publish(), subscribe()
  • The dashboard remembers your state for when you go back to it. Thanks to Julian Viereck
La pagina di partenza per utilizzare Bespin, l´editor HTML5 online di Mozilla, cliccando qui
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