Banshee 2.5.0

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News del 24 Agosto 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Banshee 2.5.0
Banshee è un lettore multimediale libero per il sistema operativo GNU/Linux e per OS X, basato su Mono e Gtk#. Il player utilizza le librerie multimediali GStreamer per la codifica e la decodifica di vari tipi di file, come ad esempio Ogg Vorbis, MP3 e FLAC. Il programma è in grado riprodurre, importare e masterizzare CD audio e può essere sincronizzato con differenti tipologie di lettori multimediali.

Note di rilascio:

Banshee 2.5.0 is the first release in the 2.5 development series leading up to 2.6, scheduled for October 2012.

Lots of improvement on OS X:

Hardware support for USB mass storage devices.
Handle opening files directly in Finder.
Use native file chooser dialogs for importing files.
Improve keyboard shortcuts.
Fix various volume issues and inconsistencies.
Switch to gtk-mac-integration and move to cocoa API.
Add debug and logging facility to OS X launcher.
LastFM: Add device scrobbling support

Enable scrobbling of recent plays from a connected device. Currently only available on devices supported by the AppleDevice extension.

File management options are now specific to each source

The "Copy files when importing" and "Update file and folder names" can now be set independently for Music and Videos.

Other Enhancements

LargeTrackInfoDisplay: Display track rating in "Now Playing" view
MassStorage: Support the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone
Re-enable the AAC audio profile
ThickClient: Append ´Banshee´ to window title
MassStorage: Support reading playlists from multiple folders Switch to 2.0 API for scrobbling and improve error handling
LastFM: Remove invalid tracks from the queue after a scrobbling error
Mpris: Add CanSetFullscreen and Fullscreen properties
Replace custom volume widget with gtk´s VolumeButton

Notable Bug Fixes (59 fixed since 2.4.0!)

Migo.Syndication: Handle feeds with malformed enclosure URLs
bgo#577396: AppleDeviceTrackInfo: Fix reading and writing rating values
bgo#587756: MassStorage: Save playlists relative to BaseDirectory
bgo#615219: Don´t increment skip counter when restarting current track
bgo#626659: ServiceManager: check properly if a service is required
bgo#634063: FileSystemQueueSource: Reload when tracks are imported
bgo#634758: PlaylistSource: Make sure the right tracks are removed
bgo#657769: PrimarySource: Make sure AddTrackJob is marked as finished
bgo#662909: PlaylistParser: Retry HTTP request after timeout
bgo#666696: DapSource: Flush pending changes when quitting
bgo#671948: DapSource: Put the playlists below the default sources
bgo#672744: UPnPServerSource: Fix crash when getting the root object
bgo#673037: libossifer: Fix certificate validation with libsoup 2.38
bgo#673416: DbIteratorJob: Abort job after several consecutive failures
bgo#676144: PlayQueueSource: Fix high memory usage when shuffling
bgo#677288: PrimarySource: Fix pruning of artists from the database
bgo#679260: AppleDevice: Fix a crash when deleting invalid tracks
bgo#680679: PlayerEngine: Fix reporting of playback errors
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