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Bandwidth Controller è un programma che consente di controllare e gestire la banda nella propria rete domestica o aziendale. Si può limitare la banda a specifiche macchine o ad interi range di IP installando e configurando il programma solamente sul server. Caratteristiche del programma
  • Each network adapter can be individually controlled. This is useful, for instance, if you wish to limit internet traffic without bothering with internal network traffic. Data rates can be set anywhere between zero and one gigabyte per second giving precise control over the amount of bandwidth used.
  • Send and receive data rates can be set independently of each other.
  • Limit data rates by protocol. This allows you to filter certain types of network traffic. For example, you can limit the bandwidth of TCP traffic without affecting UDP or IPX.
  • No need for any software to be installed on client machines. They don't even need any extra configuration. Bandwidth Controller works at the driver level on the server machine so that the whole process is transparent to end users.
  • Detailed statistics show the amount of data used for each filter and the current bandwidth. A graphical bandwidth usage history gives a quick overview of the current bandwidth utilization.
  • Management of filters is centralized in an intuitive management interface. New filters can be configured with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Limit traffic from specific IP address or entire ranges of addresses. Both source and destination addresses can be set.
  • Traffic can be controlled for specific ports. This is useful for controlling certain applications while giving others full bandwidth. For example, you can limit peer to peer file sharing software to 5 kilobytes per second without affecting HTTP or FTP flows.
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    OS: Windows 2000 e XP

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