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News del 04 Ottobre 03 Autore: Giancarlof
Back4WinXP è un programma utilizzato per eseguire la copia di sicurezza dei file importanti del proprio disco fisso con un sistema di compressione Zip per ridurre le dimensioni dei file e memorizzarli in un singolo archivio. Affiancato al programma Freeware è presente sul sito Back4WinXP uno shareware molto più completo con ampliamento e del numero delle caratteristiche e dell'ottimizzazione per Windows XP trial 21 giorni $ 24.95. caratteristiche comuni ad entrambe le versioni:
  • Optionally backup your data as an EXE file that can be expanded on most machines without decompression software.
  • Restore from damaged backups, or even spanned backups with missing or damaged disks (directory disk is not needed).
  • Backups are labeled with a unique easy-to-find time stamp.
  • Variable compression rates to suit different machine specifications (older machines perform faster with lower compression rates)
  • Powerful arrangement of backup size - spanning disks, predefined disk size to suit CDR and CDRW media etc.
  • Optional Password locking of the ZIP file ensures you or your licensee are the only ones able to access sensitive data.
  • Logical, easy to use functions without annoying pop-up windows.
  • Various modes of backup operation provide easier and faster ways of doing your backups.
  • The Restore window lets you select single, several or all files of a backup set to restore.
  • Does not have 2Gb and 65535 file limit of other ZIP backup programs
  • Burn CD to CD/CDRW Back4WinXP
  • Many other useful features.
Caratteristiche addizionali in Back4WinXP
  • Catalog files allows define and reuse previous settings.
  • Versioning saves variations of the same file within the same archive.
  • Basic and Expert modes.
  • Backup reports and ZIP comments.
  • Pause, shutdown, Tray Icon.
  • Stealth mode monitors and automatically backs up selected files as they are changed, keeping each version so that you can revert back to any previous version.
  • Stand-alone Stealth mode.
  • Command-line parameters for scheduled unattended backups.
  • Find desired file within a bunch of ZIP's quickly (global search).
  • Burn CD direct.
  • Instant Backup.
  • And more
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Mb 1.01

OS: Tutti i sistemi Windows

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