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News del 04 Luglio 05 Autore: Vlad
Aggiornamento alla versione per questo programma che promette di rimuovere dal nostro PC gli adware, spyware e malware che infestano la rete.What's New in Version 1 - Firewall: If you are not protected you could be a victim of hackers that could invade your equipment while you are connected to the net. The permanent connections such as DSL or the fact that you are connected to the Internet for a longer period of time make you more vulnerable. Protect your business and home information. Avoid the entrance to your equipment through backdoors that could allow the stealing of information from it, cause failures, entrance of trojan viruses or getting into your business net. The Firewall monitors the programs that try to connect to the net or wait for incoming connection then alerts the user and lets him decide whether to allow or block this connection. 2 - Anti-phishing: Phishing is the all inclusive term used to describe efforts to deceive consumers into going into a phony web site through forged or "spoofed" spam email. BPS is on the front lines of the fight against phishing, to reel in Online scammers. BPS spyware remover warns you when you try to connect to such type of sites, So you can protect your personal or financial information. 3 - System Shields including:
  • Startup Shield that monitors if any program tries to set itself to run at windows startup.
  • IE Hijack Shield that monitors if changes are done to IE settings like search page and local page.
  • IE home page shield that monitors any change to your IE default web page.
  • Firewall as a system shield. 4 - Alerts, The alert will fire if any of the system shields catches spyware. 5 - The program now can run in the system tray to make use of the powerful system shields and alerts and access the program functionality in a fast and easy way. 6 - You can now right click in a folder in your windows explorer and scan it with BPS Spyware & Adware Remover. 7 - Quarantine that packs up and removes the selected found spywares. 8 - Scheduler to schedule the program to run at specific times. 9 - Faster scanning algorithm, since we are using a new technology for scanning and loading the database. 10 - Easy to use and navigate interface.
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    Categoria: Sicurezza

    Licenza: Shareware

    Dimensioni: 8,04 MB

    OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

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