BCDC PlusPlus v0.307a

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News del 11 Marzo 04 Autore: Alberto
BCDC PlusPlus v0.307a
Puntuale dopo l'uscita di DC++ 0.306 ecco la nuova versione anche per BCDC++, una revisione di DC++ che permette funzionalità normalmente non accessibili con l'edizione standard. Queste le novità:========== = 0.307a = ========== sed: lua: fixed so that OnCommandEnter returning nil will clear the chat input box and /-commands are not stoppable anymore sed: lua: OnHubAdded and OnHubRemoved are now called on reconnect/disconnect (instead of at hub window open/close) gmt: changed around the bcdc settings page resources and code again gmt: added html help system for the settings dialog gmt: moved many bcdc /chat commands into winutil.cpp - you can use more from PM now gmt: for multi-line status messages, hubframe's tooltip will remember only the first gmt: changed /mplayerc to close the avi file after getting its size gmt: added icons to the "search type" drop down menu (bug: text is always drawn in black on white) gmt: added a workaround to "nick taken" on opendc hub - it never disconnects, so we do, to let the nick timeout gmt: changed the /refresh mechanism to tell when the share refresh starts and ends gmt: removed auto-granting of slots when someone leaves the hub - will display their nick on the status bar gmt: added 10 line tooltip to the status bar in the main window gmt: added ability to log status bar messages to system.log sed: lua: fixed the user:isOp() sed: lua: created a listener system.. see bier.lua and slots.lua sed: lua: reload your scripts simply by hitting /luafile myownlistener.lua sed: lua: added formatting.lua and added a hub argument to FormatChatText sed: fixed richedit control to allow more than 32k characters col: lua: added odbc support through luasql col: use LogManager::message to alert to files changes detected during hashing col: added ability to replicate directory structure seen in filelist col: fix: socks5 is a radio control again col: made %[f], %[c], and %[a] parameters available to description string format col: remove user from upload queue when he goes offline col: (re)added ability to copy from mainchat using a mouse and context menu col: lua: use GetClientIp() to retrieve a userconnection (client-client) IP col: lua: user-provided chat text formatting; convert text to RTF col: allow one to disable upload queue expansion on window open/file add col: added option to fake nick on active mode downloads col: number of slots now varies as well as bandwidth when using time-based limiting gmt: subtract size of forbidden (kazaa/winmx/dc++ antifrag) files from your share, show file names in system.log gmt: added a fix for anti-frag files getting reduced by write buffer + rollback size each time it checks for a slotData: 11/03/2004
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Licenza: Freeware GPL

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OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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