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News del 28 Maggio 03 Autore: Alberto
BCDC PlusPlus v 0.25a
Una nuova versione per BCDC++, una revisione di DC++ che permette funzionalità normalmente non accessibili con l'edizione standard. Queste le variazioni rispetto a DC++ 0.25:
  • hopefully download files in alphabetical order from download queue, within a given priority
  • allow automatic switching of the upload limit between two presets at given times log partial/uncompleted uploads if desired (untested)
  • allow the user to experiment with some little protocol changes designed to evade firewalls looking for DC traffic; see the advanced tab
  • /me now maps to +me
  • NMDC emulation successfully tested against GeneralBot 0.241, YAMB 1.41B, and Ragnarok 1.07
  • support /upload and /download commands, the arguments to which are the desired rate limits
  • support a /pause command, which allows one to globally pause and unpause files in the download queue (note that it doesn't affect currently running downloads)
  • allow separate search and connect IPs and ports
  • show which search queries match current share in search spy
  • allow a user-adjustable small file size allow a custom description string format; see below for details
  • contain a browsable command history for hub chat (ctrl-up/down/home/end)
  • support the $UserIP command
  • support upload queuing; the /showqueue command displays and the /clearqueue command empties the current queue
  • support tab nickname completion in main chat support upload and download rate limiting
  • remove the check for an already running instance (I'm going to assume competence on the part of users)
  • learn user/IP correlations, and uses that information to resolve known search spy IPs into nicks
  • respond to double clicks on URLs in private message windows
  • automatically grant slots to users to favorite users
  • support granting slots for variable amounts of time
  • allow the selection of a custom beep sound
  • allow the selection of and connection to multiple public hubs simultaneously
  • /message command, to send an arbitrary message to the hub: /message
  • support ignoring certain users' messages to main chat
  • display IPs (in case of active searchers) and nicks (in case of passive searches) in search spy
Data: 28/05/2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware GPL

Dimensioni: 1384 Kb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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