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News del 27 Novembre 03 Autore: Alberto
BCDC++ v0.304a
Una nuova versione anche per BCDC++, una revisione di DC++ che permette funzionalità normalmente non accessibili con l'edizione standard. Queste le novità:
  • NMDC emulation is deprecated and unsupported. DC++ and BCDC++ emulation work better and are more useful
  • [Submitted to DC++ as an add-in] contain a browsable command history for hub chat (ctrl-up/down/home/end)
  • in /raw command, to send an arbitrary message to the hub: /raw it allows escapes for <32 chars now using a C-like escape syntax
  • hash support stuff:
    1. if you see 100% cpu usage, it's the program hashing.
    2. that's what the 'hashes' file is
    3. it's only supported in BCDC++ emulation
    4. it manifests itself in two ways: in the search frame, where when a hash result is returned, as many users who responded with that same hash will be grouped with a +/- treeview-type thing as well as more subtly through the download queue storing it
    5. the hashes shouldn't become corrupt, but if you suspect they have, and are willing to suffer a rehashing of your share, close BCDC++, delete 'hashes', and restart BCDC++
Data: 26/11/2003
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OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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