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News del 14 Novembre 05 Autore: Vlad
Avast Home Edition 4.6.731
Nuovo aggiornamento per questo antivirus rimasto uno dei pochi freeware. Trovate maggiori informazioni nel seguente link alle news precedenti"avast! Home is now free of charge for HOME users for NON-COMMERCIAl use."avast! 4.x Revision History Version 4.6.731 November 12, 2005
  • aswRdr.sys: fixed a race condition that could eventually lead even to a system crash
  • improvements in the executable file unpackers
  • enhanced tolerancy against damaged archives
  • boot-time scan now supports the "Move to chest" command
  • mail scanner: fixes in IMAP handling (NTLM authentication related)
  • the "Date of last scan" entry is now updated by all scanners (not only Simple UI)
  • added support for CAB and LHA sfx archives
  • P2P Shield: added support for BitLord, uTorrent and ABC
  • boot-time scan now shows textual error strings (instead of error codes)
  • WebShield: fixed parsing of HTTP requests in the case where a header is larger than 64K
  • WebShield: fixes in the detection of Transfer-Encoding:chunked
  • WebShield: new avast4.ini options: NoDefOptinProcess, NoDefIgnoreProcess, default=0
  • WebShield: miniscule fix in the GUI
  • minor fixes in the email scanner (related to Lotus Notes clients)
  • GUI: most lists (e.g. areas to test, exceptions, etc.) now support the following
  • keyboard shortcuts: INS = Add, DEL = Delete, F2 = Edit
  • Aswrdr.sys: fixed compatibility problem with Windows Vista beta versions
  • fixed a problem with the boot-time scanner under Windows Vista beta
  • fixed crashes of the physical memory scan under WinXP x64
  • mail heuristics: added detection of multiple content-type headers
  • avast now does not report the "file is corrupted" messages when trying to unpack a
  • modified, unknown or damaged version of a Winexec packer
  • sched.exe now supports all params of the boot-time scanner
  • added Greek language version Localizzato in italiano
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