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News del 11 Luglio 05 Autore: Vlad
Avast Home Edition 4.6.691
Nuovo aggiornamento per questo antivirus rimasto uno dei pochi freeware. Trovate maggiori informazioni nel seguente link alle news precedenti"avast! Home is now free of charge for HOME users for NON-COMMERCIAl use."avast! 4.x Revision History Version 4.6.691 July 9, 2005
  • further improvements in executable unpackers (WinExec)
  • WinExec unpackers are now supported even by the boot-time scanner
  • changes in ACE unpacker: security fixes
  • Web Shield: fixed a bug that could cause even crash of the ashWebSv.exe process (in module wshtcpip.sys)
  • Web Shield: fixed a bug that could cause crash of the process while terminating
  • Web Shield: removed event handle leak
  • Web Shield: fixed a bug related to HTTP status 100-Continue
  • Web Shield: fixed parsing of HTTP response for the HEAD request - now "Save Link As" in Firefox works correctly
  • Standard Shield: removed potential problem (that could lead even to system hangup) while testing network-based files under Windows XP
  • P2P Shield: added support for KCeasy
  • IM Shield: added support for SIM (Simple Instant Messenger), PalTalk Messenger and Tlen
  • fixed loading of default config values in resident providers
  • now the Silent mode in the Outlook/Exchange plugin works
  • added new GUI items (global program settings)
  • added the ability of not displaying of popup messages while a full-screen app is running (e.g. a game)
  • fixes in the mail scanner: handling of redirect (for the Calypso program); bug "server has closed the connection" while reading news
  • added more comprehensive handling of expired licenses
  • minor fixes and enhancements in selected unpackers (ZIP, MIME, TAR)
  • improved warning on log off when removable media are present
  • minor changes in avast sounds
  • VRDB generation when idle is now not started if current CPU load is 15% or higher Localizzato in italiano
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