Auto Gordian Knot 1.30 beta

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News del 05 Giugno 04 Autore: Canaro
Auto Gordian Knot 1.30 beta
Rilasciata una nuova release in versione beta di questo ottimo programma con cui è possibile eseguire la conversione da DVD ad AVI (DivX o Xvid), senza nessuna conoscenza specifica in merito; se si ha poi un PC potente in poco più di un'ora si avrà il proprio AVI. <img src= align=absmiddle><img src= align=absmiddle> Guida per la conversione <a href= target=_blank>da DVD ad AVI</a> Questa versione upgrada la release 1.00 precedentemente installata e che potete scaricare <a href= target=_blank>QUI</a> Also I've added donate section to the website (on the right). Go ahead and contribute to the past and future development of AutoGK. Thank you. VERSION HISTORY 1.30 beta - DUE TO MISUSE OF AUTOGK WITH UNSUPPORTED RIPPING TOOLS, IT'S NO LONGER ABLE TO PARSE IFO FILES, SO ONLY DVDDECRYPTER IN IFO MODE CAN BE USED FROM NOW ON - AutoGK works now with DGMPGDec 1.0.9 - removed test for alternative field order for PAL sources - video type and AR is taken from D2V file now - added support for direct opening of MPEG2 files (VOB/M2V/MPG/MPEG). Enabled by CTRL-F12 - fixed problem of cutting off last few seconds of video during splitting - installer fixes AVI file association to prevent "Error opening AVI" after comp test - added option to rip all subtitle streams (only when using external subs) - message "WinRar is not found" is no longer displayed when internal subs are used - improved parsing of stream info file - comp test limit is reduced to 65% for XviD 1.0 (resulting in higher resolution output) - added more debug info into logs - indexing/demuxing step has now timeout of 30 min after which job will be aborted to allow the queue to proceed - subtitle splitting step has now timeout of 5 min after which job will proceed anyway - bitrate for mono encoding is now always half of the bitrate set on advanced options window - resizing algorithm chnaged heavily to accomodate upcoming support for different input sources (ITU standard is no longer applied) - field order, aspect ratio and resolution is now taken during encoding from D2V file - possible width is increased to 1920 - max quality and target quality modes are using source input width and not predefined width of 720/704
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Donazione

Dimensioni: 1.3 Mb

OS: Tutti i Windows

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